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Thread: Movement of AI assist in Supreme Ruler Cold War

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    Movement of AI assist in Supreme Ruler Cold War

    Even with the latest patches SR2020, units sometimes acted too late. Often complete health units under the command of random attack or secure to ignore my orders, because the minister of AI will randomly move outside the area who gave the order to be less, usually due to low supply tiles. The only way to solve this problem is to disable the control of Minister of execution units and assault by hand. What are your thoughts about this?

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    re: Movement of AI assist in Supreme Ruler Cold War

    No doubt, I love not having the AI control of the Minister of my stuff, but exploration, capturing the earth, and even units retreat to the nearest barracks will stop working automatically. Often overlooked by the units being shot because I cannot handle everything on the map at a time. Sometimes the boats stuck on the tiles of the ground or in transition from coming from the harbor and out to sea or vice versa. Frankly, when it comes to this, I have to drive a lot when the AI starts wigging out. Even auto units in retreat, to run through danger and death, or drive to the coast and blocks to go home to a remote island and repair.

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    re: Movement of AI assist in Supreme Ruler Cold War

    The SR2020 is used to block only the minister to control my drives completely. As for retreating units can be configured with a threshold higher or lower withdrawal or a struggle for the death mantra. I think it works in the withdrawal rates of 75% / 50% / 25% of the workforce or death. Used to have it by 50% except in large urban areas where low build ups that high if they were rooted in a while. So it was basically "You fight or die for their weapons or our" I think the sentence is more or less.

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    re: Movement of AI assist in Supreme Ruler Cold War

    Here I also wish to say something about this. I set the threshold. If disabling the control of a minister, the units are not removed. And until my retirement units, instead of being destroyed by tolerance to the average loss. Ministers, Global Rules of engagement> HIGH Initiative. They will try to get away from battle before the destruction. Of course, sometimes oppressed, etc., and are destroyed anyway, but try that.

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    re: Movement of AI assist in Supreme Ruler Cold War

    I still ask: "Does anyone have improved the AI to seek in CW?" If the units are going to act exactly the same way as they do in CW SR2020, there is no real improvements have been made in the game in general. The enemy AI will not be challenging enough, the units are still stuck, AI Minister kidnapping units and units that flee are stuck trying to flee to the islands or die constantly taking shortcuts through towns hostile / units.

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    Re: Movement of AI assist in Supreme Ruler Cold War

    A unit is kidnapped by the Unity Movement Minister and AI has been watching and taking into enemy territory with great success. Suddenly, the unit is on the north side of the city of X, and becomes much damage in this commitment should be avoided (I am aware of the allocation rules of engagement, this is for sake of argument). However, the barracks environment is well south of the city of Direct X, but the unit is now the direct north of the city of X.

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