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Thread: Final Fantasy 7 remake on ps3

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    Final Fantasy 7 remake on ps3

    Hello guys I saw some video of final fantasy 7 on YouTube. And I am really in love with its graphics and story. And I would like to play this game. While searching on some forum site I read that final fantasy remake going to come on ps3 which is introduced in Sony e3 conference. Is it true? Actually I donít have any idea about it. So thatís why I am asking this to you guys. Please share your information about it with me. I am waiting for your replies thank you.

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    Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake on ps3

    This rumor has been circulating for years, not at all come about. Kitase went on to say at a time that would take about 10 years to do so if they ever do Squeenix set, I do not observe that happening. I'm surprised Sony never got involved, but for now, is meaningless. A remake of FF VII would, and would be an outstanding private launch title. It is basically predictable. Consumer order will make it occur. Particularly since the FF is not sold as earlier than (games).

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    Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake on ps3

    Hello according to my knowledge it will not take place. The merely people who desire are fanboys VII (and girls). And through all the other FF-related games during development, why not? There are at a halt three FFXIII games that have not up till now been available, in addition to Kingdom Hearts, FFXIV, and possibly a Dragon Quest. Why the hell would like to pick up an additional plan, particularly one of a series of sub-has been played to death.

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    Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake on ps3

    Four games and three different kinds of movies have been released, is not even sufficient to fill all the holes left through the unusual plot? VII is possibly the majority overrated title game history, up till now people cannot acquire sufficient of it. It's a bit like people cling to bad music because it is catchy, there's not much good, however people in a number of way, as is all the similar. As RPG PSX progress, both Lunar and Breath of Fire III-both published the same year are better title, actually takes only a visual style that probably most of the barns VII of his love.

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    Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake on ps3

    Anyone through any capability to be objective regarding the contents of which reach a comparable conclusion. This title is more often than not praised for its firsts, approximating being the primary FF in "3D" among others. But considering the many areas that fell short of a "300 years" to end the crisis of identity every cloud that is part of most of the game (and yet not cleared up until Crisis Core, almost a decade later) - it has a surprisingly high level of popularity.

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    Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake on ps3

    Do not catch me wrong, I'm not proverb it is the worst game I've played. Nor am I proverb that it is a fun title, and still had the occasion to take pleasure in most of the game at what time I played. However, I find that compared to Modern Warfare 2: The huge number of people are willing to overlook the most obvious problems, especially in the form of holes in the plot VII, and say publicly it to be one of the most excellent games of all time. Sony has an inclination of listening to proposal from fans resting on PS3? It has been 5 years and at a standstill no sign of XGC.

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    Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake on ps3

    I certainly would be interested in an update to HD. I doubt he would be able to keep their hands off you edit to the point of lameness, however. I could see how the fusion system of core material of the crisis would be great for some additions would be nice. They only care about what was going to change the battle system completely is something gay like ff13. This is what I like. I'm sure there would be other changes needed to get the game to date again but I think the idea is to honor the original as much as possible.

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