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Thread: Portal 2 Icon replaced by steam icon

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    Portal 2 Icon replaced by steam icon

    After the installation of the Portal 2 video game I found a small problem on the system. Actually yesterday, I done the Portal 2 video game installation on the Macbook pro operating system. The installation complete successfully and after that I locate the system icon. Then I see that the entire portal icon is being converted to the steam icon. I used the steam for the installation of the portal 2 game. Any type of help for solving this small problem will be appreciated.

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    Re: Portal 2 Icon replaced by steam icon

    If you want to change the icon of the portal 2 video game, then there is special technique available to do this task. This is the task that will be help to solve such problem by changing all the icon of the portal 2 game files. Then for doing this task, first run Portal 2 application. After that you need to select the suitable image URL path. The next step is to be select command+i option. This option help to open info screen. Then use the current icon for the application and then paste the picture URL onto that location. This process changes the portal icon.

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    Re: Portal 2 Icon replaced by steam icon

    As per my knowledge there will be no need to do the extra process for such task. You need to use the simple technique to replace the icon to the suitable image. Then for doing this task, just use the next technique. Then first select that icon changed file and right click on the file icon. The next step is to be use the property option and open its property. Then select the file icon tab. Then use the icon change option and change this icon. Finally press ok button. This will be help replace all the portal file icon.

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    Re: Portal 2 Icon replaced by steam icon

    This is not the problem of the game. Most of the time, people will be refer the other installation CD and then install this game on the system. Then when the installation complete as per the setting onto the installation CD, the icon of the game file are to be set. The icon of the game file is present inside the setup folder of the Library/ Application Support/ Steam/ SteamApps/ common/ portal 2/ portal2.ico location. The game also provides such icon change facility. Then use it and solve problem.

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    Re: Portal 2 Icon replaced by steam icon

    I also faced the same kind of problem and I suggest you to use the different approach to do this task. First open the icon file location using this ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/portal 2/portal2/resource path. Then place 'game.icns' and open this file preview. Select the Edit option and then use copy command. The next step is choosing Portal 2 shortcut icon of desktop and use Cmd+I command on the file menu. After doing this task, you need to select Steam icon option and do Paste task. This process helps to change the portal 2 game icon.

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