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Thread: The Sims 3: How to save life of a Sim

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    The Sims 3: How to save life of a Sim

    I do not know, really, if there is already a topic with this topic, or perhaps there is but only partially. My research was not, unfortunately, very accurate. What I would ask is this I cannot beg, with a sim of a friend who is dead, the Grim Reaper, to convince him to bring to life the dead friend, perhaps playing at my sims2. Talk, Grim running around the house: now there is nothing that I cannot or am I. The only interaction that I get when I click on the menu is nraas since I have it installed and nothing else.

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    Re: The Sims 3: How to save life of a Sim

    No you do not do the use the sim in China with the Reaper as in 2.When your sim dies the only way to get them back to life is to put the unfortunate trait of your Sim, then death invites him back to her because it is a source of death back to life if you have a flower of death in the inventory of the sim, which offers it to death and she invites him back. I hope that you are getting my point here and also able to solve the issue.

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    Re: The Sims 3: How to save life of a Sim

    However, my sims are both young adults and as for the mods I seem to have the Edensor and then I installed some packages but I must say that I did have a couple of weeks ago and have not had any problems like that We must say one thing though my sims is born of two vampires so she was born a vampire. but then I'm sick to play with vampires and I did drink the cure for vampirism and become human.

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    Re: The Sims 3: How to save life of a Sim

    Your Sims are young adults or adults because if they are adults, as they age the odds of getting pregnant decrease even more. if he is young adult touches you only have to be patient and try several times if the door has just grown a little 'more patience well the mod I did notice that the title is not as suitable as you know the forum is also attended by most children, that's what the liquids playing without custom content and see what happens

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