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Thread: Should an Oblivion lover get Morrowind in the elder scrolls

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    Should an Oblivion lover get Morrowind in the elder scrolls

    I not at all played a computer RPG previous to getting Oblivion a year and a half ago. I love the Elder Scrolls lore and have gotten completely obsessed with the Dunmer and Dunmer culture. Because of this obsession, I kind of want to check out Morrowind which I have never played or even seen. In fact if TES III had been about any other race or province I'd probably not even be tempted. Yet I am afraid that I will be turned off by it if it is too different than Oblivion. I won't mod it either, so if I do play it, it will be the vanilla game. Do you think I could love and obsess over it like I do Oblivion?

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    Re: Should an Oblivion lover get Morrowind in the elder scrolls

    If you like Dunmer and Dwemer lore and if you love TES lore and thought Oblivion rocked then you will lose yourself in the mythical lands of Vvardenfell. All TES games are worth the experience. The first thing I am sure is gonna strike you is the awesome music. If there is one TES track that plays on my mind, it is that one (but then I am a music aficionado). I was going to say yes before reading your post. I read about your obsession with Dunmer, my answer. Get it now! You should love it.

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    Re: Should an Oblivion lover get Morrowind in the elder scrolls

    You only have about 5 faces/hairstyles to choose from for each sex of each Race but there are many great mods that add hundreds of new faces to choose from. If you play as a Dunmer you are still treated like an outlander, because you weren't born in Morrowind, you came from Cyrodiil. Any NPC of the same Race as yourself will like you a bit more, but everyone is going to treat you like crap for a long time. There are many different cultures to experience in Morrowind. The three Great Houses each have different lifestyles and architecture. There are also the Ashlander tribes and the Nord's on Solstheim for more variety.

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    Re: Should an Oblivion lover get Morrowind in the elder scrolls

    Morrowind is a right RPG with all its pros and cons, compared to it Oblivion can be called an action adventure (or by ones who really hated it - arcade) game. So if you can't do a quest unless the compass tells you where to go or you hate public transport and just want to travel by point'nclick than you should reconsider getting Morrowind. But if you truly love Dunmer and are not afraid to think outside the box and come out of the lazy closet - this is a one and only chance to experience something amazing. Oh, and I wouldn't worry about graphics very much, it can still leave you breathless at times :wink_smile:

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    Re: Should an Oblivion lover get Morrowind in the elder scrolls

    It depends on whether you can play old games, I know sounds silly but it is vital. I'll give the analogy of hitman 1 and hitman blood money or any game franchise that's been around for 10 years. Can you enjoy the MGS games from the PS 1? If you're not that into older games then it's not for you. More importantly the game just plays different, it's slower and combat is heavily dependent on dice rolls, you can control when you swing but not when you hit for instance. For me Morrowind was a mixed bag, the story was intriguing (I don't rate it that much higher than Oblivion as some do, Dagonites>House Dagoth), but it suffers on the gameplay front.

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    Re: Should an Oblivion lover get Morrowind in the elder scrolls

    You are an Oblivion lover therefore you should stay faithful to your true love of Oblivion and avoid the alluring powers of any older game set in the TES universe. As we know more mature games while they may lack the looks of youth have an exotic depth and ability to seduce far greater than younger games You should also not fool around with the upstart Skyrim later this year least you begin to look upon Oblivion as old and wizened compared to this fresh thing of beauty.

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