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Thread: Beta Key and Permissions Problems in dof

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    Beta Key and Permissions Problems in dof

    I have just heard that the beta key for Dawn of fantasy are been send out. I knew it would happen like I predicted for Age of fantasy, so I kept a close look on it . The movement they released the beta key for it , I registered myself on the official site of Dawn of fantasy and got myself a beta key to play. I was so excited after getting this keys that I never imaged the amount of disappointment I would have when this key won‘t work properly. Does someone know where I got wrong?

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    Re: Beta Key and Permissions Problems in dof

    Well, where did you heard that the key are been sent out? Was it a message displayed on the company official site that stated closed beta 5 keys are currently been sent out. This is the first time I am hearing about this, so be positive to help us out by posting any troubles in this thread - whether your beta key is being examined as a duplicate, you don't have admission to the beta key after validating, or whatever else. Please let me know by this post.

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    Re: Beta Key and Permissions Problems in dof

    Well I have heard that the company send the beta key s to dedicated gamers this is what I found on the company’s website they said that we will not be distribution notice to those not selected; though, they will be considered for the Open Beta. If you are wonder if you were acknowledged, please wait a full 24 hours and then feel free to post or PM me with your question. So I guess , that the key you got is not the working one . Better try luck next time.

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    Re: Beta Key and Permissions Problems in dof

    Hey guys thanks for your support, I am grateful for your support and the tips that you all gave me. It has helped me a lot. I recon it'll be computerized. They'll just run a libretto with certain variables adjacent to the database table of users who have registered and it will pick out certain users?? Is that so that will get on . I would probably be in a real pain to do it physically sifting through all that information.

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