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Thread: Paypal support for the XBL

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    Paypal support for the XBL

    I am having Xbox 360 from past couple of days. I love to do video gaming on the gaming console of mine. I have heard a rumor which is stating that there would be support for the PayPal for the Xbox 360? Let me know whether the speculation which I have heard is true or false. Let me know the speculation of yours on this particular matter. Any help on this particular matter would be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Paypal support for the XBL

    Well looking at the situation which you have mentioned over here I am wondering why there is no support for the PayPal previously. According to me it is the easiest way to buy stuff over the internet connection. However in terms of Xbox it seems to be overspending to get the PayPal make working on the device. But still I think there is no announcement from the official people of the console manufacturer so far.

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    Re: Paypal support for the XBL

    I let you know that I am using PayPal from past couple of weeks. However I have found some people who are worried about the security of the game. why because I am getting emails to improve the security but I am suspecting that it seems to be phishing attack on the computer of mine. my half of the credit cards are out of date on the PayPal but still I am feeling that I am getting phishing bots which might cause security issue on the system of mine. I will be able to improve the security not clicking on the suspected links.

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    Re: Paypal support for the XBL

    I let you know that I have not got anything which you have mentioned over here. as far as I know there is nothing like phishing attack on the system of mine. personally I have received around 4000 emails and I have not clicked on them at all. However I have clicked on the emails which are associated with PayPal and it seems to be working great. But still I recommend that you should not click on the suspected links while playing the game.

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    Re: Paypal support for the XBL

    Recently my company have tried to implement the PayPal on the site of mine. we tried the same and I have found that there is lots of security issues and really odd process to get the refund. So I have decided we are not going to use PayPal any more. We would think if and only if there is improvement in the security and it would reduce the amount of the end user fraud which might getting at the time of using PayPal.

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    Re: Paypal support for the XBL

    I am really excited about the thing which is mentioned over here. However still there is no official announcement regarding the support for the XBL. According to me it would be great thing if there is a support for the XBL. I would like to have the same. I am hoping that they would look on the requirement of all the users and they would take a positive actions to get the requirement of us.

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