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Thread: Which vehicle you like in L.A.Noire game

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    Which vehicle you like in L.A.Noire game

    L.A.Noire is not that good game which I was thinking off. As speaking about the cars, there are many of them provided in the game. I also hardly remember the name of some cars. But one of my favorites among them is Phantom Corsair which is of black color. While driving it feels like being batman in the gaming world. Also in my world I am trying to create Phelps' signature car. Well which one is your favorite car to drive on LA Riverway?

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    Re: Which vehicle you like in L.A.Noire game

    Even I didnít like this game much but it was good for spending time. I donít think so that many people like this game or not but arguing about the cars is a good topic. Well there were many cars available at every level and you can choose whichever you want. My favorite car was batmobile. Not only has this but also liked to drive Ford Police Special. I like all the police cars. Just think about the phantom with police job. This was good.

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    Re: Which vehicle you like in L.A.Noire game

    Yes, there were many cars and I drive most of them. Itís difficult to say which car was good and which was bad. Some cars looked good while some provided good speed. As comparing both speed and look & feel I would prefer Cord 812 as well as Packard which my grandfather used to own one 55 Packard. It was quite speedy. Not only this but I also like some cars which I didnít remember the names.

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    Re: Which vehicle you like in L.A.Noire game

    I just hope that people have gone to the higher levels and unlocked the hidden cars. If not then I would suggest these people to go to the higher levels and feel the locked cars. As per my opinion, I would prefer Phantom Torpedo which is an amazing car. I think that it is called as Phantom Torpedo. It is basically one of the hidden cars present in the Hollywood part. You can have a look at the map.

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    Re: Which vehicle you like in L.A.Noire game

    I like cars which provide good speed than compared to the look & feel. You people might know that there were several cars that have speed more than 86 mph. Driving the car at full speed was amazing. I think the fastest car in the game was Duesenberg Walker Coupe. I hope the name is correct. The max speed of this car was around 140 mph with having 265 HP engine. This was the best car for me.

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    Re: Which vehicle you like in L.A.Noire game

    Well I was hoping some good cars. But unfortunately there were many old model cars then I realized that I was playing some old kind of game. Well there are some cars which I have seen live many times in LA as I stay in LA. Well choosing one among those is difficult since all were same for me. I would vote for Phantom Corsair which is quite good giving batman kind of feeling. This was the only car which I liked the most. Well everyone has their own opinion.

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