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Thread: Green Screen in Xbox 360

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    Green Screen in Xbox 360

    Hello friend, currently I buy Xbox 360 video game console and it works nicely on the system. This is so helpful for playing the video games as well as plying the 3D games. I havenít use this for playing the videos but when I try to use this device for playing video then I realized that this is to shows the green screen on the background. Still it shows the video but there is a deep green in the background. If anyone having knowledge about the similar matter then please notify me. Any type of help will be appreciated.

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    re: Green Screen in Xbox 360

    This is the most unpredictable things and most of the time it created by the console hardware. The first thing you need to check if this problem is because of your consoles hardware or not. For doing this you need to first restart the system console and then Check whether any loose cables in the console. Then also check the plugging connections of the console. Then check the hard drive and if there is something wrong happens between these four things then corrects those things. It helps to avoid such kind of green screen issues.

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    re: Green Screen in Xbox 360

    I also faced the same kind of issue. In that time I havenít understand the basic reason behind that. Then I read the articles which mentioned that if the green screen on Xbox 360 is still going on, then it is hardware console trouble. In this kind of solutions need to check the connected hardware of the system is properly work or not. If there is something wrong happen on it then solve that trouble. This helps to solve the unpredictable error of the system. Then I had open up console and fix the error of the system.

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    re: Green Screen in Xbox 360

    This is the pure hardware based errors and sometimes the user not able to solve this kind of troubles. In this situation there is possibility that the trouble can only solve the expert person. The Expert is always present on the Microsoft repair center, which is actually section of customer service. The expert person checks the error and then solves that error completely from the system. If the console is in the warranty period then it is the free service otherwise it takes $150 as a charge to solve the trouble.

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    re: Green Screen in Xbox 360

    This is the completely hardware issue and there is nothing possibility to solve that error. The main things behind that the console device needs some extra things to solve the trouble. Then I suggest you to first check the cable connections and if there is something wrong happens in this console then reconnect it. It helps to solve the error of the console. You can also watch the videos of the YouTube for solving this kind of troubles. Then use it and it helps to solve the trouble.

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    Re: Green Screen in Xbox 360

    I have the same problem too but I figure it out. It has nothing to do with hardware if you just purchase it new like I did.

    I am using HDMI at the moment and when Xbox first started it will set you up at the video solution of 13xx X 11xx depends on your TV. All you need to do it to change it back to 1080i and your color will do just fine. The pixel is not as good as it was but at least you will have full color.

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