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Thread: Where is simplifier extension tool for facebook games?

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    Where is simplifier extension tool for facebook games?

    I think game simplifier is one of the best tools that provide playing facebook games very easier. Thus I was searching for game simplifier for Google extension. I didnít used to cheat and hitch the items. Thus this extension was the good help for me. I used to play games on my old computer which was quite slow but still using game simplifier; it was very easy to play in that old computer. But now-a-days I am not able to find this extension and I feel it has gone replaced. So anyone knows where to search for this extension.

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    Re: Where is simplifier extension tool for facebook games?

    Try Simplifier Friendly game and I think they renamed it to and fro. Friendly game or just Simplifier FGS Fair helps players collect all gifts and bonuses with just one click of your mouse. Fair FGS allows players to spend more time "playing" games to carry out the tasks associated with maintaining and keeping the game, which unfortunately take up too much time for many. Thus this is a good tool and you can find it on Google easily.

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    Re: Where is simplifier extension tool for facebook games?

    I found it by accident a long time ago and have not been in much this weekend. I tried using the name altered on the website of Google Chrome Extension where I establish before, but does not appear. I had been playing with FV and FV Extender China are assisting with the acceptance of gifts from friends and sends a backup most of the time and gives you the option of help, or just simply accept. I did look if there might present for the China version and is not FSG.

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    Re: Where is simplifier extension tool for facebook games?

    Yes, even I agree that facebook game simplifier is the best tool for easy game play on facebook. Itís proven better for the slow computers. Since you are not able to find this, might be you are not entering the proper keyword for it. There are many websites providing the latest version for it. Search it on Google with proper keywords you will surely find it. I hope this helps you. All the best.

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    Re: Where is simplifier extension tool for facebook games?

    I tried to explain to people that is not a trick of tools that not only collects all put on a page without all the garbage of others who do not always get what you click, but it's like talking to kids. The people who complain a lot, obviously do not have many gifts to accept, I have over 1000 friends and my box full board would never get to play much less horse race if I tried to click. Now I'm trying to figure out how there were two people who were neighbors on my farm, but were not even friends on my list of regular friends and also why I cannot eliminate the neighbors I get an error message unable to load the screen FV in white with 2 buttons to reload or re-try and the home and I have people who are not regular game and finished with 300 residents a few months to extend the 28x28 that is not for the coins do not remember how many dollars I cost FV when he did, but too, as it is for the coins now. Well, this can not be the correct protocol FV even talk about, but since I thought I could play I would say to you and see if he had any ideas.

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