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Thread: PC Input Lag in Dirt 3

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    PC Input Lag in Dirt 3

    I am at present getting input lag while utilizing either my keyboard or my Xbox 360 controller while playing DiRT3 on computer. I have all essential drivers for the whole thing and have attempted multiple GFX settings. The lag is around 1/2ish a second, itís sufficient to pressure the game sufficient for me to make a forum post. Anyone have any idea how I can solve my lag problem? Please help me if anyone has any idea or any useful tips to solve my issue.

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    Re: PC Input Lag in Dirt 3

    I do have a big trouble with my G27: I don't actually see input lag, but my wheel is functioning for like 5 seconds and after that it completely stops responding for about 0.5 - 1 second leaving the in game car to set off to the path you were driving. In other words in a tiny road where you have to rotate a lot, each 5 seconds you are crashing to trees because your wheel prevents responding for a slight time. This is truly irritating and not just irritating, because it makes your driving not possible. My drivers are all up-to-date and the whole thing else is functioning well. I wish we are getting this thing fixed shortly!

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    Re: PC Input Lag in Dirt 3

    I didn't experience any input lag, but it would be obliging if those who are having this trouble would post their system specs so we can investigate for an ordinary piece of hardware or software which might be to blame. Attempt running the game without logging into GFWL. That fixed the trouble for me, but after that obviously you can't save. I have seen posts which say there's a trouble with ghost car saving but haven't been able to understand how to turn that off.

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    Re: PC Input Lag in Dirt 3

    I too get the input Lag trouble on my G27, its bad sufficient to make you lose control when it occurs, also I get big lag spike while the game illustrates the split times on the screen. Not anything to do with the G27 as it does the similar thing if I attempt by keyboard. I get well over 100 FPS but the lag spikes are driving me crazy. I think those who run a truly low FPS on old rigs might not observe the trouble with the input lag as terrible as those who run high FPS like me, as one min its smoothes then next leggy then you mislay control.

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    Re: PC Input Lag in Dirt 3

    Here I just wish to add something in this case. It not just us its everybody, I have not seen a solitary person utilizing windows 7 or windows vista 64 bit who can play in dx11, and the trouble is if we fall to dx9 its just a emulation of dx9 not correct dx9 like below XP. I am not certain if the menu trouble is associated to the DX trouble which crashes the game out. Come on Dev's place the glasses down its time to regain to work and come to an end the job.

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    Re: PC Input Lag in Dirt 3

    For me it's not input lag, input lag is while I rotate the car and it slowly react and it's there all the time this is a complete dissimilar level of input trouble. It prevents responding totally! That's exactly what I acquired on my DFGT, occasionally even in excess of 2 seconds. I attempted it with my other controllers which are:
    1. Saitek Cyborg Rumble v2 for Xbox360 and PC: This one works flawlessly
    2. Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience: This one as well works flawlessly lacking cut-off response.

    So I blame the Force Feedback system in this game.

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    Re: PC Input Lag in Dirt 3

    I determined to attempt the game with my friends Xbox controller as utilizing my G25 is useless with the total loss of control each few seconds. Later than 2 races extremely no input loss or lag of any type. I don't wish to play with a controller though. I wish to play with my $200 steering wheel. I am quite capable with a wheel. I am tremendously crappy with a controller. I am old and my hand-eye skill just wedges not to talk about the arthritis in my hands and fingers. It friggin hurts to utilize an Xbox controller.

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