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Thread: Cockpit view is not realistic in dirt 3

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    Cockpit view is not realistic in dirt 3

    The fact that the camera view is from behind the windshield does not mean it is realistic. Lead in the third person is a lot more realistic. For the reason that at what time you drive within cockpit view you have completely no peripheral vision. I would like to perform that in real life? OK be there in your car and wrap the entire windows and after that cover the right half of your windshield. That's what it's approximating driving in cockpit view within a game. These are indisputable facts. If you drive in cockpit view because they think it looks good because it is nothing more than a disadvantage.

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    Re: Cockpit view is not realistic in dirt 3

    Chase cam is just plain wrong when you use a wheel. Personally I find the hood cam the best anyway with a wheel. Has a better sense of speed and is not as small to the ground the same as the bumper cam. Cockpit outlook is pleasant from time to time, but my time will always be faster with the hood cam. However, chase cam is only useful when using a driver or doing gymkhana, etc. I have a wheel and see a second round on the screen looks strange. Flying behind the car feels very strange. Of course, vision is limited when used in view of the bell, but to me it feels more realistic. The sense of speed is great too.

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    Re: Cockpit view is not realistic in dirt 3

    So what if it is not realistic? As you said, it's great; all driving games have it, and are an alternative that supposed to always be there. I do not recognize how on earth to consider within the third person is more sensible. Since I make use of the wheel I am able to make use of the camera hood, for me that is the most realistic, probably because I am over 6 feet tall and owner of a Swift 1.3 GSX, so my nose against the windshield while driving. if there was a triple display configuration, then it would be able to see the side windows, which is what all racing games, just because you cannot deal with this point of view does not mean it is not realistic.

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    Re: Cockpit view is not realistic in dirt 3

    In fact, I quite similar to that - cockpit view in cars and planes - you have to turn your head a little from time to time to observe what is happening. Yes, I've seen actual life a motorist not performing that. Leastways that explains how to lead so deficiently. The feeling is a lot more involved through inner sight, which is what I be fond of the hood is faster, however yes, I like the challenge as well. Even though I played Dirt 2 with the behind the car view.

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    Re: Cockpit view is not realistic in dirt 3

    Hood view is better. As for the cabin views, you need to add a look at the top of the improvement to be more realistic and give a more peripheral corners, etc. Like it is within Shift 2 and TDU2. The difficulty is that if, looking at the top in the game does not work. It's just an annoyance. You can not feel what the car is doing in a game as you can in real life. Look to the apex is not really much good. Oh, well. Anyway, I can play on the camera I want. Sometimes it is third person, sometimes its Close Cam, sometimes your cabin. It all depends.

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    Re: Cockpit view is not realistic in dirt 3

    I think the cockpit view is pretty good for the limitations of the screen. Honestly when I drive I have to turn my head as I'm focused on a straight line. Could there be improvements? Sure, but it is so flawed, then why we have taken the view in this way? Maybe if somebody can clarify in detail that would be capable to think my approach around the limitations. Appears in 3 rd person view is an benefit within gymkhana events based car however I'd be capable to make use of a wheel yet.

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