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Thread: Brink game: AMD Catalyst 11.5a Hotfix RC3 driver

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    Brink game: AMD Catalyst 11.5a Hotfix RC3 driver

    I have installed the Brink game in my computer and I can play this game well but I am not getting full experience of this game. I think that there is still something lacking. I have updated the graphics drivers to get better quality from the game. However while searching for the drivers I came to know about the very latest driver called AMD Catalyst 11.5a Hotfix RC3. I have heard that these drivers are confirmed as they are official and legal which was developed by ATI. Has anybody tried these drivers?

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    Re: Brink game: AMD Catalyst 11.5a Hotfix RC3 driver

    Additionally to seeing no perceptible performance increase in excess of 11.2 I furthermore become aware of that within the menus my FPS goes from 120fps toward 40fps while I make possible the steam cover. I haven't experienced in game up till now however if the overlay cuts frame rates by means of that quantity in-game it's going away to be hateful each moment I obtain an overlay pop-up and it will be reverse toward 11.2 for me seeing as there was no such problem with the overlay by 11.2.

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    Re: Brink game: AMD Catalyst 11.5a Hotfix RC3 driver

    Then new features of AMD Catalyst Driver 11.5a Hotfix as follows:
    • Comprises performance optimizations also fixed different quality problems for the Brink game.
    • Fixed transcoding video lagging problems noticed while converting numerous H.264 clips toward MPEG2 Blu-ray video
    • Solved the intermittent mouse cursor delay problem seen by several users
    • Resolves irregular flickering problems seen within some applications inside a system by the use of an AMD Radeon HD 6600 series video card through DDR3 memory and operating within DirectX 9 mode.

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    Re: Brink game: AMD Catalyst 11.5a Hotfix RC3 driver

    Things to see of the AMD Catalyst 11.5 Windows launch are as follows:
    • The new and the best feature is Hydravision enhancements intended for Eyefinity configurations.
    • The HydraGrid aspect established inside HydraVision is currently conscious of user formed Bezels.
    • The HydraGrid feature established within HydraVision at this moment as well includes like “Automatic Grid” preference that lines up to the user definite Eyefinity display arrangement. Along with this, the new driver also fixed several issues that found in Windows XP, Windows vista and Windows 7.

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    Re: Brink game: AMD Catalyst 11.5a Hotfix RC3 driver

    Some are saying that there is some change with frame rate. How precisely do you recognize where your frame rate is believed to be? Are you contrasting it to an additional OpenGL game by the use of the identical engine, and by the use of the similar graphical aspects? You can't actually evaluate it to games by the use of Direct3D. I'm not telling that if there's an RC4 of the hotfix, otherwise driver 11.6 may not get better performance advance. I'm simply telling there's actually not an excellent frame of orientation to offer a superior approximation of what your performance must be like.

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