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Thread: Which Games do i play to improve my IQ ?

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    Which Games do i play to improve my IQ ?

    Hi friends, I have a PC at my place and I used to play the games on that, but really I am just getting bored with such a non sense games, so I just thought to change my genre towards games, I just thought I would play only such a games that really worth playing, at least we can improve our IQ, In other word I mean to say the games which has a content like syllogism or spatial reasoning or might be abstract reasoning, so friends any one knows such a kind of games that I would play? Any suggestion?

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    Re: Which Games do i play to improve my IQ ?

    Yeah off course youíll get the bunch of too many games from the internet, but I am just wondering that you are changing to such a weird genre, because no one plays the game for improving their IQ, rather they are meant for the playing purpose only, thus we can enjoy it for a while at least. Really it seems too funny, sorry I was just kidding. But yeah youíll get such a games from the internet for sure.

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    Re: Which Games do i play to improve my IQ ?

    If I recommend you the game, it would be Ďportalí, this is the game which will satisfy your needs too, otherwise you may have other option too like you can play, the game Mass effect or bioshock, see this are the games that provides a nice dose Iíll say, to brain training skills. But if you play the game like MP shooters which actually belongs to the spatial reasoning category. There also youíll see lots of trouble conquering the simple map even.

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    Re: Which Games do i play to improve my IQ ?

    See there are lots of games you can play on the internet too, as there are too many website, that host such a games that you can play, they are tricky, almost use enhance the IQ. Other the very basic game is like, if you are using the window 7, youíll get the chess game by default. So you can play that also, otherwise as Xp donít have such a game, but it also has a minesweeper.. or if you want to play chess you can download it from the internet.

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    Re: Which Games do i play to improve my IQ ?

    There are too many puzzle games too, related to the verbal ability, where you have to play with another person, in that you have to put the character and after that another person will put another character, and that way we have to make a word that has a appropriate meaning. And the highest discoverer of words would be the winner. So these will probably improve your verbal skills, and off course your personal library would be enhanced.

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