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Thread: Need information on World's Favorite Videogames

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    Need information on World's Favorite Videogames

    I want to purchase the game. But I donít have any idea. My brother gave me a personal computer for education. But in free time I bore. Then I want to play game. Before I didnít have interest in game. But I saw my friend using the game for free time. Thatís why I am also interested to play the game. But I donít have any idea of the games means I donít know name of the. So I want some name of top games. Please could you help me regarding my problem? Iíll wait for yours answer. Please response me as much as possible for you.

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    re: Need information on World's Favorite Videogames

    I would like to suggest you about the game what I know very well. First I want to know with you which type of game you like. I am telling you some name of game. I think these games you can play very easily. If you donít know how to play. Then first you will read the instructions. Then you would play the game otherwise you will lose the interest. I am suggesting you some games which I mentioned below:

    1. light night round 4
    2. shenmue
    3. tekken 3
    4. the sims
    5. civilization
    6. bomberman
    7. geometry wars 2
    8. tetris
    9. nba 2k11
    10. world series baseball 2
    11. nfl 2k5
    12. gran turismo 2
    13. mario kart 64
    14. crazy taxi
    15. mike tysons punch out
    16. pac man

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    re: Need information on World's Favorite Videogames

    I want to tell you according your problem. I think you should search on the Google the games list. It will good for you for selecting the good games. What you like. But you are asking her. I donít have any problem. I am telling some popular Gameís name. I hope that you will like it. You can see some games lists given as below:
    • Al Michaels Announces Hardball
    • Blaster Master
    • Braid
    • the Elder Scrolls IV
    • Final Fantasy VII
    • Grand Theft Auto III
    • Grand Theft Auto
    • The Legend of Zelda
    • the Legend of Zelda
    • Mario Kart 64
    • Metal Gear
    • NHL '99
    • NHL 07
    • Perfect Dark
    • Phantasy Star II
    • Sid Meier's Civilization
    • Sid Meier's Civilization III
    • SimCity 2000
    • Street Fighter II Champion Edition
    • System Shock 2
    • Wizardry V
    • Wizardry VIII

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    re: Need information on World's Favorite Videogames

    I would like to recommend you that cannot take a whole list of five, but some of the games are closer to my heart, in no order except the first. DC Jet Grind Radio the number one. The right game at the exact right moment in my life. When I think of my life at the moment while I was playing a game imported from Japan and loved. I am lost opportunities, celebrate favorite memories, and give thanks for friends and tears are no longer with us. I am listing some game as below:
    • Tomb Radier 2 PSone
    • Twisted Metal 2 Psone
    • Shenmue Dreamcast
    • Echoe the Dolphin Dreamcast
    • Unreal tournament PC
    • Quake III Arena PC
    • Sonic Adventure DC
    • Call of Duty (original only) PC
    • EQ PC
    • Phatasy Star Online DC

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    re: Need information on World's Favorite Videogames

    I am telling you some top games which are liked to the worldís people. I also play the video games. I searched on the Google. Then I find some of my favoriteís games. I am telling to my favorite games. I saw every game has good rank in the world. I know that you will also like these which I am mentioning the below:
    1. Vampire
    2. Mario Kart 64
    3. Final Fantasy 13
    4. Star Wars
    5. FEAR/FEAR
    6. System Shock 2
    7. Rise of Nations
    8. Final Fantasy 8
    9. StarTropics
    10. Contra

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    re: Need information on World's Favorite Videogames

    In fact, I started making a list, but I have too many favorites. I know that 25 should cover most favorite of all time from anyone. Even if no priority in any order, but I cannot. And also, my frame of mind changes from day to day. Today, I love the dungeon crawl RPG. Tomorrow, I can love FPS. The day after, rather than delve into a particular generation. I could go hard on a particular series of games like Final Fantasy. However, there appear to be few constants:
    • Baldur's Gate
    • Champions of Norrath
    • Dungeon Explorer Untold Legends
    • The Bard's Tale

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    re: Need information on World's Favorite Videogames

    Thank you so much for telling me the games names. I saw all the game. But I like too much counterstrike and contra. This is too awesome game. I play this game with my brother. I play all day because my summer vacation is started. But I know to know one more thing related this problem. I want to play this game online. I saw so many people play online this game. If I play online then will I have to pay the money for playing? But at least tell me how to play the online game. Any registration is required or not. Please tell me soon.

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