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Thread: Fable III Fortress traitor DLC Achievements

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    Fable III Fortress traitor DLC Achievements

    The truth is that after the Quest Understone moderate quality, we had no particular hopes that with the strength of Traitor to recover the tone of the notable adventure of the British role-playing Lionhead. Yet the truth is that much better calibrated difficulty and with more behind-term, the Fortress of the Betrayer is a Fable III DLC more complete and interesting than just a few months could offer its predecessor.

    The Fortress of the Betrayer is an expansion centered on the video game in which we are now governor of Albion, offering the possibility to start visiting the secret prison of the kingdom to try to stop dangerous criminals in the kingdom. This concept is obviously necessary to have passed the single player campaign in full to enjoy it, offering an experience much richer and interesting than that once brought the discrete Understone Quest.

    Achievement List

    5 Points
    • Spell rasterizer: Combine two gauntlets to cast a spell "lattice."
    • He is a woman. She, a man: Take a full set of clothing designed for the opposite sex.
    • Hippie scabby: With long hair, dyed a different color each piece of clothing you wear.
    • Your hand in my hand: Shake hands with someone.
    • Adopt or die: Adopts a child.

    10 Points
    • G1remio seal: Free your heroic potential.
    • Save the princess! : Rescue the princess from the evil Baron.
    • Ghostly brothers: Make sure that Max and Sam return home for tea.
    • Tragic, comic, historical: Helps Pinch Lambert and famous actors to take forward the world's greatest work.
    • Dark Sanctuary: Rehabilitates an ancient temple of evil.
    • Paradise Island: Cover Driftwood Island.
    • The horse eats Cofry: Cofry defeat at their own game.
    • Chicken topped: Make a real trial dressed as a chicken.
    • Total warrior: Kill enemies with melee, ranged and spells.
    • Pull! : Throw an enemy up and kill him while in the air.
    • Distance relationship: Marry another player on Xbox LIVE.
    • Interdimensional concept: Have a baby with another player on Xbox LIVE.
    • Fusion line: Form a partnership with another player on Xbox LIVE.
    • A barrel of laughter: Kill 30 enemies with explosive barrels.
    • Heroes from another world: Earn 1000 gold as a henchman in the world of other heroes.
    • Buuuuuum! : Scored 2,000 in the game Mourningwood mortar.
    • Heroic tour of the lute: Played in each city as a master lutenist.
    • A heroic touch: Contact uses expressions to interact with 20 different people.
    • Remodeling: 5 houses remodeling by changing the furniture.
    • Criminal excesses: Get them to put a reward of 15,000 gold coins for your head.
    • Henry VIII: As king of Albion, marry 6 times and kill two of your spouse.
    • Tough love: Save the maximum possible number of citizens of Albion.

    15 Points
    • Undertaker: 50 objects unearthed.
    • Popularity Contest: Do 20 friends.

    20 Points
    • And it all begins : Get the support of the residents.
    • Swift justice: Get the support of the brigade Swift.
    • Distant friends: Get the support of Aurora.
    • Archmage: Use the 15 possible combination of spells.
    • Glory shot: Kill 500 enemies using firearms.
    • If it bleeds we can kill: Kill 500 enemies using weapons of combat.
    • The magician's revenge: Kill 500 enemies using magic.
    • We need weapons. Many weapons. : Get the 50 legendary weapons. Not appear all in your world, trade with other heroes!
    • Fashion victim: Collect all clothing.

    25 Points
    • My weapon is better than yours: Complete 3 unique upgrades in one of the legendary weapons found in Albion.

    30 Points:
    • All keys are mine: Collect 50 silver keys and 4 golden keys.
    • Flower Power: Collect aurolinas 30 flowers.
    • Gnome invasion: Destroy all 50 Gnomes.
    • Brightwall Book Club: Get 30 rare books for the Academy of Brightwall.

    40 Points
    • Master's coffers: Unlock all the way to the kingdom's coffers.

    50 Points
    • Resistance: Get the support of Bowerstone.
    • Superhero: Improve your skills completely magical melee and distance on the Road to reign.
    • You cannot me: Fable III complete without you down in combat.
    • Brick Magnate: Create an empire valued at 2 million gold coins.

    80 Points
    • Ruler of Albion: Become the ruler of Albion.
    • For Albion! : This is where you * PIII ... the great and powerful * * PIII ... and then * * *. PIII.

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    Re: Fable III Fortress traitor DLC Achievements

    The DLC is nice and better but this will cost you 560 Microsoft Points and quiet a heavier dlc. The concept is just somewhat similar to Fable gameplay and the environment is also nice. There are some kinds of new challenges and tips that you can enjoy over the same. I will recommend you to buy the same if you really are a great fan of Fable III. Moreover, the DLC also brings three new costumes for the main character, a demon door, new types of enemies, and three civilians unpublished own bosses.

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