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Thread: Fable III Mourningwood Achievements

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    Fable III Mourningwood Achievements

    Mourningwood also a part of Dark Sanctum is an region in Fable III. It is in an kind of an marshy region. The area appears as an new cemetery. This cemetery if for the city of Bowerstone. There are some major features of this area and there are also some more additional task you have to perform. This includes the eco-warrior settlement, Mourningwood Fort, a Demon Door, the Dark Sanctum, and the entrance to Sunset House. The area is usually inhabited by Hobbes and Hollow Men.

    Fable III Achievements List

    Achievement List

    Henry VIII 10G : If you are Henry VIII, as I said. Well, of course not, but most get it. For this achievement is to marry 6 times and killed two of our husbands or wives.
    10G criminal excesses : You have become the most wanted criminal of Albion. Hopefully you can pay the fine. For this achievement we have to steal when they see us in stores, houses, attacking the guards, etc. Vandalism acts to make the reward for these acts are of 15,000 gold. You cannot do when they are a king, just before.
    Gnome invasion 30G : Oh, you're strong. How to destroy little men with beards and pointy hats? Bully! For this achievement we must find the 50 gnomes gnomes collector Brian. To this we must accept their mission Brightwall actually two, the first mission is to get a gargoyle that will make them come alive and slip around Albion. You have the complete guide to the third message in this thread.
    Hippie scabby 5G : You look like totally awesome, man. Can you feel and how you play the universe? For this achievement must be the long hair, and put each piece of clothing in a different color, including hair and highlights.
    Lute heroic Tour 10G : You brought the gift of music to every corner of Albion. And what have you done with style. For this achievement we must first unlock level 5 of the Hero of Laud and play in each of the cities without being wrong at least in the first round. Cities are Brightwall, Bowerstone Market, and City Dwellers Camp Aurora.
    Master of the chests 40G : Have revealed every bit of knowledge heroic. The way the rule has been well traveled. For this achievement you have to open all the chests of the way in which we appear Theresa, the chests are opened with the points we won with the missions.
    My weapon is better than yours 25G : You have completely upgraded a gun and history. There may be more legendary. For this achievement we have to climb to the top 3 legendary weapons, in our arms room, we see that each arm needed to level up.
    Online Fusion 10G : You are the epitome of the modern hero, who is not afraid to adopt new technologies. Enter a business partnership with another player on Xbox Live. Play cooperatively with another player and talk to him, in one of the places to make society, leap after this achievement.
    World Heroes 10G : You've earned an honest wage to fight for another hero. You should just play with other on-line hero. Every so often (about every 10 minutes, not sure), earn some gold just to be playing with that person, no matter what you have won more gold in chests, digging etc, has only gold that you earn over time playing with another hero. And when you earn 1000 gold in this way, you skip the achievement.

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    Re: Fable III Mourningwood Achievements

    The list is quiet fine which shows information of gaining achievements the Dark Sanctum. The achievement list provides an basic view of what one can gain the game. This game is nice and has longer hours gameplay. I had also followed a link with the thread which took me to the weapon list of the game. I had not got so much weapons till what is mentioned.

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    Re: Fable III Mourningwood Achievements

    Yes but that also is sometime no enough with the game. I was trying to go for some cheats for the game there is a an kind of way where you can get unlimited golds in the same, but that his risky as it will wipe out your old games settings. So I quit not to follow the same. The best thing is play a regular way and keep on collecting those achievements in the game. The game is an nicer option for action adventure game.

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