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Old 18-05-2011
Join Date: Jun 2009
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Fable III Achievements List

In two games, Fable has created a strong identity, both visually and in its atmosphere. The story begins fifty years after the events of Fable 2, and you are the son (or daughter, YMMV), the hero who saved the kingdom. It's your older brother, Logan, director of Albion with an iron hand, a term more than appropriate in this era of industrial development, the plants that sprouted like mushrooms in cities. Ruthless with the people, the brother does not think much of his happiness and his dictatorial methods are increasingly discussed. The opposition faces summary execution that hinder its heat, but anger is brewing, and there is like a whiff of revolution in the air.

Achievement List

10G total warrior : You killed used melee, ranged and spells. What do you like most? Granted when we use for the first time we have 3 different attacks. He is a woman, Ella, a man 5G : Heroes long ago were freed from the bounds of normal society. But what is normal?. Do not skip this achievement when our character costumes of the opposite sex.

10G tough love : You had to take a lot of difficult and unpopular decisions, but they were correct. For this achievement we have to finish the game getting the 6 million and a half of gold in the treasury, i.e. get everything they ask us before it gets dark.

15G popularity contest
: With your winning personality has been a plethora of new friends. Exactly, a plethora. We need to get a total of 20 friends. Every time we talk with villagers from different villages of Albion can make friends with them if we accept and complete their missions, so the achievement will have to help 20 people until they are friends of ours so we can get the achievement.

20G distant friends : Have convinced the people of Aurora to join your cause. It's time for the revolution! Granted when we get the support of Aurora and Kalin promise to help the people and releasing the prowler.
20G glory shot : Very few have shed so much blood with a trigger. It attaches to eliminate 500 enemies with guns.

20G magician's Revenge : I called geek and expensive paella. They mocked your beard. So I killed them all. We will achieve this by eliminating 500 enemies only with magic.

20G swift justice : Commander Swift and his men have joined your cause. Not fail with that mustache on your side. You've earned the trust of Mourningwood, this achievement is part of the main story.
50G resistance : The Bowerstone people behind you, ready to rise up against your brother. This achievement is part of the story and impossible to lose, we will succeed when we get the support of Bowerstone.

5G spell rasterizer : You may have been the first to be heroic in history rasterize two spells. What was nice? To achieve this success we must go to the door of weapons and pick a magic glove for each hand, they are different. Once tengais two different magic gloves equipped to attack you with magic and not automatically jump combined achievement by the magic.

A heroic touch 20G : At least 20 people of Albion have been touched by a hand heroic. In a good way forward. This achievement is very simple, we only have to interact with 20 people, shaking hands, burping with children is also important. We can do this achievement in the first area you go, the camp dwellers, drawn enough people to achieve the first. Repeat person or child does not count, because we know that we repeat our experience will not go seal the symbol of the guild.

Adopt or die 5G : Well done. Why bring more people into this world when there are poor children and orphans? In the orphanage in the Bowerstone Industries, we have to adopt a child and we skip the achievement.

And it all starts 20G :
You've taken the first steps to assemble a rebel force that stands up to your brother. This achievement is awarded ns when we get the support of Brightwall and camp residents.

Archmage 20G : The magic has no secrets for you. And, if any, would you use a spell to make you count them. For this achievement we have to do that there are 15 combination's with all the magic gloves we have, these are the combination's:
  • Fire + Vortice
  • Fire + Ice
  • Fire + Impulse Force
  • Fire + Sword
  • Fire + Lightning
  • Vortice + Ice
  • Vortice + Impulse Force
  • Vortice + Swords
  • + Lightning Vortex
  • Force Impulse Ice +
  • Ice + Sword
  • Ice + Lightning
  • Force & Sword Impulse
  • Force + Lightning Impulse
  • Sword + Lightning
Brick tycoon 50G : You have made a fortune in real estate. Luckily there is no land tax. 2,000,000 is achieved by accumulating gold in the room of our personal money.

Brightwall Book Club 30G : I always enjoy meeting someone who knows that "bibliophile" is not nasty. For this achievement is to get the 30 books that are scattered throughout Albion, 25 normal and 5 rare. Are hard to find, I hope to put the phone soon.

Buuuuuum! 10G : Has scored 2,000 in Mourningwood strong mortar. The soldier Potrero proud. To gain access to safe Mourningwood mortar must first buy the fort. The fort was in past the cemetery of the village, once purchased the icon will appear in the mortar mission led by the soldier Potrero, now just have to get to a score of 2000 points to earn this achievement.

If you want to know all locations of Gnome then this thread will help you --- Fables III GNOME Locations
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Old 18-05-2011
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 4,119
Re: Fable III Achievements List

Chicken topped 10G : You have given a true sense of solemnity to your role as monarch. And feathers too. This achievement will jump when you see us dressed chicken in a ceremony, when soys king or queen, taking part in many, each time that you still keep to take a decision on any of the promises you made to the people, you can go dressed chicken and I jump achievement.

Dark Sanctuary 10G : You reset the Dark Shrine. Back to view in all its splendor and reveal their secrets. To get this achievement we have to do a series of missions, which are :
  • Dark Sanctuary
  • Peace, Love and Murder
  • Excavation
  • Awakening
  • Leverage
For Albion! 80G : You've killed the Prowler and ended the biggest threat in the history of Albion. You are legend. We have finished the game and saved Albion.

Ghostly brothers 10G : These brothers? bullies do not rest for dead, but at least Mom is back with no problems. This achievement was accomplished by the two missions of the brothers Sam and Max, one of the missions we ask you for a book of her mother's grave and the other takes, when we finish we will achieve.

If it bleeds we can kill 20G : You're like an army. A machine of slaughter. A total destruction, you understand. Is achieved by eliminating 500 enemies with swords.

Interdimensional concept 10G : We knew this day would come. Having children online is already a reality. For this achievement alone is having a child with another player online.

Pull! 10G : You finished with an enemy while in the air. At least he died with style. How does the description needs to stop an enemy monster is in the air, sometimes as simple as making two magic attacks followed on the ground when there are many enemies, as this elevates them and will easily die with a second touch .
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Old 18-05-2011
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 4,119
Re: Fable III Achievements List

Ruler of Albion 80G : You have led a revolution and now the throne is yours. How will history judge your government? This achievement is unlocked when we finish with the primary mission, ending the reign plans Logan and in Albion.

Save the princess! 10G : You rescued a piece of cardboard and have obtained valuable information on the development of a game. This achievement will give us the end of the mini three geeks real RPGs. To accomplish this mission we have to go to the map we have in the shelter, press the "Y" and choose the task titled "Play." After finishing it will receive the achievement.

The Barrel of laughter 10G :
You have wiped out 30 enemies with explosive barrels. Do you have a great location? Described the achievement as we have to eliminate 30 enemies using the explosive barrels that are almost always nearby.

The horse eats Cofry 10G : You've beaten a chess inanimate object. Though, in truth, is an inanimate object so bad. This achievement is accomplished by completing the mission Chesty's Chest which is located at Sunset House.

The seal of the guild 10G : The seal of the guild react when touched. You are a hero! But we already knew. We'll get to pick the guild seal Walter shows us just beginning our adventure.

Tragic, comic, historical 10G : Your literature searches have unearthed a unique BOUT. What a pity that it is a mess. We can get this achievement by helping a aledeano waiting at the door of the library, is a relief, asking us to get a book. When we accept the mission and let us take the book will be sent into the world of ghosts of the deceased author of the book, which is in the interior the book to get out of this, we must act in the play the ghost, once successfully completed the work, receive the achievement.

Undertaker 15G : Treasure hunting is not always glamorous. The earth beneath your nails proves it. We dug with the help of our spade and our dog 50 objects.

Your hand in my hand 5G : This achievement will jump us to go hand in hand from another person, I have chosen to be a princess and jumped the achievement by Elliot hold her hand the guy she is just starting the game, you can always choose not to, but then You can release your hand if you want.

Fable III with all the DLC now has 60 Achievements totaling 1250
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