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Thread: How to Change language of Xbox 360

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    How to Change language of Xbox 360

    I am using Xbox 360 and is nice experience playing games on it using body gestures and voice commands. Once I was connected to Xbox Live then I found that some of the text on its dashboard appears in another language. My Xbox is having English language, so I am able to read everything on my Xbox area, but some of the instructions over the dashboard are not understandable because of different language. I guess my language has been changed, so does anyone knows why this is happening is or else provide me information regarding how to change the language of my Xbox.

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    re: How to Change language of Xbox 360

    You are not able to read some of the instructions because your Xbox Live account is set to different language as compared to your Xbox 360 console. In order to read every instruction on the dashboard, language setting of your Xbox live account must match with your Xbox 360 Console. So try to change Xbox Live account and Xbox 360 console languages to same language, so that you would be able to read everything on your Xbox dashboard.

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    re: How to Change language of Xbox 360

    You are provided with language changing option when you start your Xbox for the first time. You can also change your Xbox 360 console language by performing the following steps. Go to your console’s My Xbox then select system settings, then console settings, from their select language and locale and select language. Now you will be provided with various languages. So select one with which you are familiar so that you can read everything properly.

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    re: How to Change language of Xbox 360

    If you have properly set your Xbox console to your appropriate language then you can also change your Xbox live account language by performing following steps. You have to visit the Xbox website,then sign in by using your windows live ID. If your country supports multiple languages, then select an appropriate language with which you are comfortable and then click on Save. Your language would be changed within 24 hours.

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    re: How to Change language of Xbox 360

    If you are not able to read or understand the content, even after changing the language, then may be dashboard contains the items or content which is not supported for all the languages. Usually Xbox dashboard contains Xbox Live Marketplace content as well its descriptions. So you might be viewing these contents which are not supported by your language. There might be a situation where the content is not written for all the languages, so there is no need to worry about that.

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