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Thread: Weapon Class Preference in Brink

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    Weapon Class Preference in Brink

    I do realize that we won't be incomplete to just one weapon, but what weapon group do you think you will utilize most?
    1. Not at all Seen but Heard Long Rifles
    2. Slam and Personal Shotguns
    3. The Jack's of All Trades attack Rifles
    4. Rapid and Deadly SMG's
    5. The Roid Raging Seige Weapons

    Just share some points with me because I really like to know more and more about everyone’s choices.

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    Re: Weapon Class Preference in Brink

    I am big fan of the minigun. Not concerned in body counts, I just like the indirect area control of that thing. I truly wish it obeys that function. They have dissimilar exercises. The minigun is situational when the turret is a long-thermo part refutation. I just truly adore the support role. I think being a medic when at the similar being capable to refute particular areas a short time means you are able to be an excellent anchor to the remaining of your team. They can obtain the kills and objectives, I will just facilitate them.

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    Re: Weapon Class Preference in Brink

    Definitely going to need you on my team them. The mini-gun is going to be the nuisance of survival for non-heavies, but just have somebody (or a turret) on your six at all times. Asset a minigun is just pleading for a few fast-movers to come jump on your back and travel you into the ground. Especially if you’re in a private area. Light body types are going to be akin to spiders on the barrier. But it's bracing to have a sensible conversation with a fellow forum gore; I tip my hat to you good sir.

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    Re: Weapon Class Preference in Brink

    I just abhorrence reloading, therefore I have all the time been a fan of the minigun. Plus I like hearing that “whirs" noise of the gun spinning. Crowd control, part denial, and normally walking death personified. I just got to discover what to do regarding the giant "Shoot this guy! Finding a secondary with that great balance of clip size and sketch time is going to be amusing with the weapon customization.

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    Re: Weapon Class Preference in Brink

    I at first measured a heavy medic with a minigun for same reasons as previous posters. But it looks to me that would make you a giant target for the contrasting team. Not just are you the medic, but you are one of the major things stopping them from speeding up in. So I think I will favor the Hammerdin for my grave medic. It will end people from getting excessively close to me, and make them back off while I go to heal, up till now it’s not the icon of part refutation that the Gottling is.

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    Re: Weapon Class Preference in Brink

    I can notice shotties being a big player preferred in Brink mostly because all of the maps we have seen emerge to be close quarters battle for the majority part. There are examples of longer ranges but the majority of the fighting looks up close and personal. I think shotties weren’t excessively exciting in other games because of how huge a few of the maps were. I will have a custom snotty which I will enjoy by means of I am sure. Possibly they will have a wep join for the shotty like a choke which will cause the shot to set a little tighter for longer range shots.

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