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Thread: Group finding in Rift cannot be solved by dungeon finders.

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    Group finding in Rift cannot be solved by dungeon finders.

    Launch of the people at the problem will not help you if you are a pure dps are unhappy with the inability to find groups - the tank / healer / support relationship dps remains the same, and is still waiting in the queue with a zillion dps other a handful of tanks and healers. Merging a server or put in the search of the prison will not do much to change this situation - which incidentally has not changed in WoW - dps pure experience of one hour or longer waiting times - healers and tanks is instant adhesives. It's just the way it goes.

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    Re: Group finding in Rift cannot be solved by dungeon finders.

    I can play as a cleric. While I have a blast at my specifications Inquisitor K sent to the experts because it is what is needed. I can sit and complain that nobody is going to invite groups or I can solve the same problem and be versatile. The cry of dps, I get, literally, at least a dozen states in my pvp server environment. The number of dps then have a single specification, are not placed correctly, there are no specifications melee away with the struggles of some unspecified target mages aoe specifications or just doing the same thing is simply ridiculous.

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    Re: Group finding in Rift cannot be solved by dungeon finders.

    I am left with a total of a magician with specifications and most spend half AOE spells in a single target cell, most rogues do not have a specification of the bard's specifications or even an alternative to distance or the body of the body. AD Many do not have the right approach or hit, people try to enter dungeons and pvp specs souls. I have seen many parts of the new brand, which just added tank art criminals are rejected by the same criminals who complained to invite how long they had been waiting for a group. Just do not understand. Why make things difficult for yourself

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    Re: Group finding in Rift cannot be solved by dungeon finders.

    Well, here is the role that can not GIMP on your computer. GIMP hell can dps roles in the field and not worry or even go back 50 to the dungeons of the experts, why not play dps themselves. Besides playing if dps dungeons much more likely to find a tank / healer who has that particular piece of equipment that falls and it is possible that because they already have. So once more with a double win if you do not dps me that. I would have to agree with the OP. LFG tool / server merger will help, but what people should do is help your friend who may have the equipment storage tank with appropriate statistics to avoid having to worry about that. The same applies if you have a friend who can be a healer. Help them help

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    Re: Group finding in Rift cannot be solved by dungeon finders.

    It is possible if you could get to where you can choose the tank / healer blues is slightly below the normal surface of the prison to obtain, regardless of the level easier. I know that is not the best idea, but it can help the calls that can tank / heal. So people can start filling the tank / jail much faster healing and, in turn gives the community a shot of the tanks or healers who are willing to do this role. Without the proper equipment to prevent people from fulfilling that particular role. 4roles so you do not see why social support team could not be readily available for these functions. Is not that why we break / invasions rare for us to flat products, but you cannot get the good stuff because the stones you need is not enough to fall ever. Trion try to fix that, if possible. How about instead of waiting for an ancient stone . How about a conversion of five ancient stone fragments.

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    Re: Group finding in Rift cannot be solved by dungeon finders.

    WoW prison style search makes finding an outlet for a tank or a healer game. You cannot really communicate with people and if you really fit in my set of specifications-wise and prudent security before looking at the landfill from prison only in darkness, and click on dps and still is on the line. The result is 9 out of 10 times, ending up with people who do nothing but auto-attack, running on the march around pvp specs and can not follow instructions and make the deposit and hell healers lives. In the end, the tanks and healers to stop using the search result and stick to private groups and all available tanks and healers is further reduced. Not exactly a good result. I have no problem healing if I have some control over what my insurance group is not filled with the desire to be led through dungeons.

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