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Thread: RIFT: Mana regeneration must be lower in battle

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    RIFT: Mana regeneration must be lower in battle

    I believe that this is the first time I have ever observed a game where mana does not regenerate at a slower rate within combat. It must absolutely be made slower and that might balance clerics too because as it is even when their mana is at zero they still mana regenerate so quick they can spam twice instant heal. I am just starting this thread to get the opinion from you people on this. Thank you.

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    Re: RIFT: Mana regeneration must be lower in battle

    Apparently, you must have ignored the resignation. That's what you have mana pots, worked well for almost every game out there, would work equally well in the Rift. Most people probably understand that this also balances the Wizards a fair bit but you want to keep your cleric or wizard without touching it hit me. I have the ability to return my mana for 10 seconds every time I hit otherwise would have bolted. Perhaps some classes use more mana than others, but my cock swinging like a kid up on sugar and caffeine wears me out faster than I would.

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    Re: RIFT: Mana regeneration must be lower in battle

    Is that more fair than when you are dps class that cannot kill a cleric with zero mana instant cure for having a low mana cost mana regeneration rate? I have yet to see a game where a dps can not kill a healer but his mana runs out. Good concept of this game. And not me, I can kill warriors an very well but apparently not clerics. Why would someone who has a limited amount of energy will be able to recover this energy so fast that most of the time he is not tired? Child that makes sense.

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    Re: RIFT: Mana regeneration must be lower in battle

    That game is unbalanced magicians and this is how we want. Let me turn the tables on you and ask you what games Regens mana so fast in battle and outside of it? Try to finish playing partner attack as mana healing has more to do some of these fights that last 8-10 minutes into a nightmare. Need mana pots and time intensive if you're recovering in a fight after mana only the priest could become a hit-a-mole all capable of killing and feel good about that piss me off.

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