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Thread: Steam Page for Operation Flashpoint Red River

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    Steam Page for Operation Flashpoint Red River

    Operation Flashpoint Red River Steam page has gone live! Official Operation Flashpoint Red River Game Group also lives game as well. Stand next to the U.S. Marines within Operation Flashpoint: Red River, the final shooter infantry strategy. You play as individual of four distinct and corresponding classes during a Marine Fire Team - Grenadier, Scott, a man of rifle and automatic rifle man - to embark on an epic campaign. Please battlefields huge sandbox in the new configuration of Tajikistan, a geopolitical point bordering Afghanistan and China. Appearance the changeable threat of all-new insurgent enemies and the possibly will of the world’s biggest Army, the Chinese PLA. Use real tactics on their own initiative alone or in four player drop-in, the cooperative campaign dropout operation.

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    Re: Steam Page for Operation Flashpoint Red River

    Operation Flashpoint Red River Steam store page is not available in Italy. I'm not concerned in buying the boxed adaptation of the game consequently I would like to be acquainted through "if" and "when" the game will be available on Steam in Italy. Can anyone help? I try to search it on official website of Red River but I did not find any way to connect it. So please suggest me the proper solution why I am not able to see this page. Please help me.

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    Re: Steam Page for Operation Flashpoint Red River

    The steam will open at midnight GMT, according to the current page, but no trace of my sale before the end of the game however, does not seem to have it in stock, as not even from this process and usually you PC sends a game 1 day before release date. I have it installed at present however it's broken. It is require reinstallation .Netfx every time you start the game and Windows Live will not let you go online because the game is "altered" and just keeps saying to reinstall the game.

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    Re: Steam Page for Operation Flashpoint Red River

    Steam seems to be broken as all hell though. My cousin before he ordered him and me and we got on our list of steam games, but I cannot install despite its past the release date and if the steam page Red River still get a button Pre-order and not the usual "you already own this game, click here to play" which is supposed to come and there is no warning at all if it comes to buying the game a second time. We have already sent a ticket to the Steam Support regarding it and observe what happens.

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    Re: Steam Page for Operation Flashpoint Red River

    Therefore the steam release is also required to install GayForWindowsLive? That has always been recopied for the epic and not a loop blame game vapor cycle in which no one / Microsoft / developer assume the responsibility for making things work. GFWL enough unpleasant experience personal enrichment in the horrible software and steam without duplicating its own characteristics and disagree. Can anyone tell me what the minimum requirements for it are?

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    Re: Steam Page for Operation Flashpoint Red River

    Hello according to me the minimum requirement is as follows.
    The operating system requirement is Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 7. The processor requirement is Dual Core 2.4 GHz. And the most important is memory requirement it requires 1 GB for XP and for vista it requires 2 GB. 8GB hard disk is required. and the other important thing is video card for this you need to contain ATI Radeon X1800 256mb, NVIDIA 7800 256mb. And in Additional requirement if you requires online play log-into Games in support of Windows - Live. And from there Click for a list of countries/regions by service.

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