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Thread: Operation Flashpoint: Red River on GFWL

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    Operation Flashpoint: Red River on GFWL

    Today I observe the store page for RED RIVER on steam. If this is fact then this game will not sale every well. I will not purchase this until it goes on sale presumptuous steams XMas sale. In the meantime I will be playing brink and Battlefield 3 or anything is out. Way to go Codemasters just wish DIRT 3 doesn't utilize GFWL. I just needed people to be more conscious that is all I will maybe at a standstill pick up Red River just not on launch date that was planed. Anyone have any comments on this?

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    Re: Operation Flashpoint: Red River on GFWL

    Here I want to comment something after your post. Actually I just like this game very much; itís really great game as per me. I even donít like to or I can say donít wish to heard any issue about this. Ok, itís my personal view about this game and now come back to point. Didn't Dirt2 have a few troubles with GFWL and Steam? I think the trouble was that it wasn't evidently stated that the steam edition of the game would arrive with all of GFWL's troubles and that caused problems.

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    Re: Operation Flashpoint: Red River on GFWL

    I am not sure what you are trying to say, naturally DIRT 2 had troubles because it had GFWL approximately all the titles which run on it have troubles. If you purchase dirt 2 from steam it at a standstill runs on GFWL while the game is launched just like Red Faction Guerrilla. No means to know if DIRT 2 would have troubles with Steamworks I thought that was the complete point of DIRT 3 going on Steamworks just to observe what would work superior and being on the personality engine 2.0 but they changed their minds and going with GFWL once more.

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    Re: Operation Flashpoint: Red River on GFWL

    I have been having troubles with OPF, itís Very frustrating. It asks for a GFWL account and a sign in
    then while signed in it downloads the outline with differing results success (improbable)/download error/crash/freeze. I am dreadfully looking for a fix and hoping I havenít purchased a game which doesnít work. Here I also wish to add something more is that: I Can't plays online in RR for a few reason, cough GFWL's mistake, it says I am not signed in while I attempt to find a game, but while I am at the home screen it says I am signed in. itís really frustrating.

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    Re: Operation Flashpoint: Red River on GFWL

    Here I have few interview talks which may be helpful for you. Topics comprise the absence of spirited multiplayer, the game's co-op support, why they don't presently have mod support plans, how this game is fairly a "reboot," that DLC plans will be proclaimed over the next pair of months, how they are steering away from the sequence simulation roots, how multiplayer support will utilize ďGames for Windows LIVE (GFWL)Ē, and more. There's as well a new "Taking the Hit" trailer from the game that addresses while is the right time for proud marines to believe that they must retreat.

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