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Thread: Cant get potato exclusive skin in portal 2

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    Cant get potato exclusive skin in portal 2

    Hello guys. Greetings to all. I hope you all are doing well. Just want to ask something so leaving a thread here. Suggestions and replies are really appreciated from my side. Well, basically, I bought a Portal 2 game and the potato sack . But I did not win the skin, so thought to ask all the portal 2 lovers whether they won or not. I am not complaining but just thought to get knowledge about it. Thanks in advance for replying.

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    Re: Cant get potato exclusive skin in portal 2

    Hey dude, I am fine and doing well. Hoping same is the case at your end. Well, really glad to see your post but I am sorry to say that that even I am sailing in the same boat like you. I have thirty six potatoes in all and even I do not have skins or items. Anyways, it has come to my hearing that they are working for a small amount of people. Anyways, for now, it isnít a big deal for the time being and we will have to accept it like this.

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    Re: Cant get potato exclusive skin in portal 2

    Hey guys, looking at your posts, I would like to tell youíll that youíll have already done what is indispensable, now you will be required only to wait for the Valve to share out the skins to each and every oneís accounts.I consider that is no more than a matter of occasion, most likely they are busy with a bundle of support stuff at present. The imperative thing is that , at the instance, every players are in the equivalent circumstances and as I know no one have received them up till now.

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    Re: Cant get potato exclusive skin in portal 2

    Hello friends . I would like to share something with youíll. It isnít big but I am hating it to be the one to inform you this ,although the exclusive skin is the flag they provide you as per the steam support. Any of the game that you must have played, the majority in the potato pack is the flag you will be getting. I, myself got an audiosurf. It is somewhat disappointing since you can just buy them for a buck If not, I wish there is something special which Portal 2 makes available for gathering the Golden Potato.

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    Re: Cant get potato exclusive skin in portal 2

    Hey guys. I am sure you must have got the idea of the scheme of the things reading the above replies and there isnít any misinterpretation now. Thus, the bottom line is that the skin which you will be obtaining from the potato sack is the flag for the game that you must have played the most. So, it depends what you will be getting. I know it is a vague looking that portal two gives support to the actual skins . anyways this is what has been said by valve.

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