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Thread: Operation Flashpoint : Red River Weapon List

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    Operation Flashpoint : Red River Weapon List

    Operating Flashpoint : Red River is an kind of an Tactical shooter video game. The game is similar to its predecessor. In the game you get an option to play in campaign with co-operative support. The game does not provides an feature for an competitive muliplayer support. And to some extent we had also found that there will not be any mission

    editor or SDK support provided for the game, so you might lack a support for the game mods. The game is divided into 4 class of Marines which are the primary player in the game.

    The 4 Classes of Operating Flashpoint : Red River. You can be any of it. It depends on the quality of gameplay you want.
    • Rifleman
    • Grenadier
    • Scout
    • Automatic rifleman

    Each of the classes has its own type of unique gameplay. Each has its own weakness and addons. There are some parts where you will get chance to unlock weapons and get additional support. It is possible to play the game for continuous hours. You will definitely found a better and action gameplay in this. There are some weapon listing that I found which you can try on your game. This is a short weapon guide on the game. Along with some tips that can help you to get a better gameplay. The game is about realistic and tactical shooting. In Operation Flashpoint: Red River weapons are the most vital object. The overall shooting experience entirely depends on the weapons you have in the game. You go through the list to get an updates on the weapon list in the game.

    The Insurgents

    AK47 : This weapon is the core weapon in most of the war and first person shooting games. It is famous if you had played the same game or similar type before. The weapon is also called as the base of shooting game. You get an high stopping power with this with an long range shooting support. It is one of the most common rifles that are used by enemies.

    PKP : This weapon is an machine gun and it can create a chaos in the enemies group. This weapon is best suited for a higher enemy ranks. PKP is capable of firing a 7.62mm round with an speed of around 700 rpm. And the ammo box of this weapon has a capacity to hold around 200 rounds. This is best effective for a medium range combat fight.

    RPG : This weapon is a killer which can even create a hole in 30mm thick armor. This is just an devastating weapons when comes in combination with HMMVV units.


    Assault Rifle QBZ03 : This is a second rifle which is used by the PLA group. It looks somewhat similar to an M4 rifle. The rifle can shoot at full auto with an speed of 700 rpm. It has 3 different fire modes that you can choose to fight.

    Machine Gun QBB95 : A very light machine gun which is used as an type of automatic weapon. Every magazine of this machine gun is filled with an 70 bullets of 5.8mm in size. A deadly weapon.

    Missile Launcher QW-2 : This is an missile launcher. What you can see in movies with an long tube on the shoulder. It can capture an radius of 10m and also an 6km range. The missile launcher works in an IR seeker with an very strong resistance to heat. It even passes through the surface. It is a best weapon to destroy vehicles form an distant range.

    Missile Launcher PF-98 : The best qualities of this weapon is that it is portable and it is an kind of anti armor weapon. That means you can shoot it either from your shoulder or from an tripod. This weapon is very effective for blowing out heavily armored vehicles. Like for an example to blow out an Tank.

    Pisto QSZ92 : A standard pistol for the PLA group. It uses around 9mm rounds much effective for an short range attack. This cannot be a primary weapon but a better choice for an backup.

    Rifle QBZ95 : It has rifle which users the same rounds that is used in SMG SMG QCQ05. The only difference is that it is effective for medium range. You can fit the weapon with grenade launcher and then use it for an more accurate shot.

    Sniper Rifle QBU88 : It is an sniper rifle which is not a weapon to carry and fight. Best for long range shooting from an remote placing. The bullet are 5.8mm bullets and this weapon has a much better stopping power.

    Shotgun M2000 : This is a shotgun which every of you must carry due to the vast and very wide area of Operation Flashpoint: Red River . The weapons is only better to use if you are fighting in a building or in a small room. One accurate shot will give you a sure kill.

    SMG QCQ05 : This is a smg which can shoot at the speed of 400prm and it uses a 5.8mm rounds. It is very small in size and also very light. So easy to carry and makes the soldier very quick. It is best effective for an short distance combat.


    Machine Gun M249 : This is an regular machine gun. You can use this only for an medium and for long range. It is not recommended for short range fight. The machine guns works on 5.56mm bullets and every magazine can be filed with 200 rounds. There are number of attachment provided for the machine gun which lets you to improve the functionality.

    Machine Gun Mk48 Mod 0 :
    It is a much lighter weight weapon which is more effective than M249. You can use with a number of attachments to make it more effective when you are fighting from a distance.

    Pistol MEU (SOC) : This is an best secondary weapon for the soldiers. The best part of this weapon is that it can reload very quickly, very small and light. Best for close battle.

    Rifle M4A1 : This is an fully automatic rifle which is an improvement and modification of an basic M4 Carbine rifle. This weapon is very versatile in various situations to use. It is very effective. The rifle is operating on gas which gives it much more power.

    Rifle M16A4 : This rifle is quiet similar to M4A1. The best part of this weapon is that you can use it from a short range and also you can increase the barrel length if you want. It also work for an long range fight. It gives you an additional fire modes from which the first is the regular single shot and the other one is the 3 round burst. You can also fix the weapon with an grenade launcher.

    Rifle M14 DMR
    : It is an rifle for scouts. The rifle works on 7.62 mm of round. It is best recommended to give cover to the fight soldiers from a very long distance.

    SMG MP5A4 :
    This is an smg which is very light and it can be very effective for an short range battler. The SMG provides great damage and it is also very accurate from an longer distance. Once of the best weapon for an medium range combat.

    Shotgun M1014 : A shotgun is best suitable for you when you are in an building combating with other troops. Shotgun is a very reliable weapon which you can keep with you. It has a very devastating effect when you are in a short range of attack. The only issue with this type of shotguns is that its accuracy decreases when the distance increases.

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    re: Operation Flashpoint : Red River Weapon List

    There is a way by which you can re-spawn in the game. For that there are certain keys you have to hold fast. Every time when you get a shot you bleeds out quiet faster. Now when you die in the game you will need to re-begin the game from the last checkpoint. Here is a tip which will help you re-spawn fast and keep continue playing in the game. First when you play try to press the menu. From then choose corpsman. You will get help from the most nearest friendly AI and in that way you can stay for a longer time in the game.

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