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Thread: Darkspore: Registration keys for EA

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    Darkspore: Registration keys for EA

    Today I have heard that the EA sports has already released the Darkspore game. I would like to get the game through the EA download manager. But before that I want to know one thing about the EA download manager. I havenít downloaded any games through the EADM before. This is the first time I am downloading the game. Can anybody tell me how I can get the registration key for download manager using my EA account? Is there any alternative or different ways?

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    Re: Darkspore: Registration keys for EA

    I have got the work around for this. There is an easy way to get the registration key for EADM. First of all you need to login to your EA account. I hope that you already have the EA account. Then there is a section called "orders and billing". Under that you might get the option to purchase the keys for EADM or for any games. If cannot able to purchase the key or you donít have any kind of option then you might need to contact the EA regarding this issue.

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    Re: Darkspore: Registration keys for EA

    I have some troubles. Unluckily we can simply make use of the registration code on one occasion. I have The Sims 2 game except it has no registration code. I've looked all sites except it was hopeless. They provided me the code they utilized and it wouldn't work at all. Therefore just I suggested you to request the community to offer you the registration code that they don't employ. However I don't encompass it as well thus currently I can't achieve whichever registration to EA!

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    Re: Darkspore: Registration keys for EA

    To recover the registration key for your copy of Darkspore from the EA Store:
    • First all go to EAstore website
    • Click on top of the Customer Service link by the side of the peak of the page
    • Click on top of "My recent order history"
    • Login through your EA Account
    • Click on top of your order option
    • You must observe the Unlock code next to Darkspore PC Downloadable

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    Re: Darkspore: Registration keys for EA

    You can purchase the registration key for EADM by the use of the EA account. However if you have bought the Retail version then you donít need to download the registration key file or something similar. Sometime you donít need to download the key or purchase the key. You will get the option for this right away you download the game. If you donít get option on both sides then contact the EA technical support team. The contact option you can get in your EA account itself.

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    Re: Darkspore: Registration keys for EA

    When I searched on the Google I get a website in which they have shown that you can download the EA download manager Keygen. However I donít know what it is but I can assume that it has something to do with that registration keys. You will get different options to download the application which may generate you keys for any games as I think. You should try some of those key generator application. Some of them might be official.

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