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Thread: Portal 2 game no sound

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    Portal 2 game no sound

    Hello, since I started playing Portal 2, I come on this forum for a small problem. So here, for the solo, there is no problem, makes the sound good, no break in the dialogues etc. It was at the co-op that it gets stuck. First, the ambient sounds are much too strong. When the robot moves, we swear an evil giant march 2 cm from my ears. In short the sound was good early on but now within two days I was unable to figure out what really happened here and why I am unable to get the perfect sou8nd on the game.

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    Re: Portal 2 game no sound

    I do not know if it will help given the limited info you give, but I had this trouble on BF2 some time ago, in options, as I have no sound card except for Integrated motherboard, there must be "software management" and not "material". I mean to say that there must be a driver issue related to this problem and that is because you are not able to get the perfect response from the same. I hope this information helps you to get a perfect solution.

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    Re: Portal 2 game no sound

    First you go to Start, then Programs, Accessories and then System Tools, and you selected "System Restore", then you can choose between creating a restore point or restore the computer or to an earlier time, you therefore chosen to restore my computer to an earlier time is after a calendar with the days displayed, your computer. Do restore points automatically every 2-3-4 days, so you choose one of the save point is your PC revert to this backup. This option suppresses such as mp3 not you put in, but just the programs that were installed between the days of the automatic backup is when you restore.

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    Re: Portal 2 game no sound

    To diagnose this issue what I want you to do here is that just follow the below mentioned steps:
    • First of all Click Start and then select Run after that Type dxdiag in the Open box, then click OK.
    • Now you need to click the Sound tab.
    • There you will find the direct x and under DirectX Features, move the cursor level audio hardware acceleration to the left
    • And then you just have to exit the same and then after restarting the system I want you to start the system.
    • If you be able to present to perceive the sounds as predictable, repeat these steps and raise the level a notch audio hardware hastening, then try again.

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    Re: Portal 2 game no sound

    I want you to check whether the sound card that you have installed on the system is doing well or not because it may be the only one which causing you the issues. I am sure that if the problem is associated with the sound card then you want to just see whether replacing the sound card with any appropriate one helps you out and make sure that once the sound card is changed you need to install the appropriate drivers on the same

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