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Thread: Portal 2 AppId not configured

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    Portal 2 AppId not configured

    I have recently installed this game on my system and as I am newbie towards this game I was faced with some of the issues. Actually the thing here is that when I installed thins game then at that time I don’t got any of the issue what so ever but when I try to launch the game then I got an error message on the screen and that is nothing but “AppId not configured” I am really unaware about the same I don’t know how to deal with it so please let me know how can I solve this issue and what are the other ways to get rid of this issue.

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    Re: Portal 2 AppId not configured

    Well AppId is the server related file and I think this file is missing on your system that is the reason why you are unable to get the game started. I am sure that this is the issue in your case also and once you are able to detect this file and keep the instance of the same wherever required then I am sure you will definitely able to solve the problem and also the problem will not arise in feature. I hope that you are getting my point.

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    Re: Portal 2 AppId not configured

    Well I was also having the same problem on my system and the thing here is that whenever I was trying to run this game then I was getting the error called AppId is not configured and I guess you are also going through the same phase and to solve the same what you have to do here is that just see whether the Skidrow.ini and a SKIDROW.ini files are present on your system. And if they are not then I want you to just install them on the system because without the same you will not able to get rid of the problem that you are getting from last few days.

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    Re: Portal 2 AppId not configured

    I want you to just consult the game officials and then you have to just see whether they will help you out in this case and also will solve the error that you are facing. Actually here you just need to understand the requirement of the file which is missing and the rest of the thing will be taken care by the file itself. I hope that doing the same will definitely help you to solve the issue and also the problem will never appear in the future.

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    Re: Portal 2 AppId not configured

    Well according to me there is something wrong with the firewall settings of the system that you have so first try and manage the firewall in the appropriate manner and then see whether doing the same helps you or not. Now I want you to disable the firewall and see whether you are able to get the appropriate response from the game. I hope that disabling the firewall will start the game and will not give you any kind of issues.

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