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Thread: Black screen after launching Portal 2 game

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    Black screen after launching Portal 2 game

    Hello everyone, I am having some problem with Portal 2 game. I have recently purchased the new PC game, Portal 2, I have installed the game successfully, but it is not working properly. It keep on showing black screen, I have check all the things but it not working. I have also checked for the graphic card, my graphic card is ATI Radeon 2400. Even my RAM is 4 GB and 1 GB is shared with Graphic card, I am running this game on Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit, so friends I donít think so that there is any problem with Configuration, so can anyone help me over here? I am waiting for your reply. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Black screen after launching Portal 2 game

    Hi friends, so finally forum started for Portal 2. I have played this game, the game is amazing and it gives a good feeling to play this kind of games. Well looking at your problem I can say that your configuration is quite good, but as per my knowledge with this game, I think you might have not checked your game cache. So check for it first and do necessary changes to it. And one more thing if your PC is in network then run this game as Admin account. This can solve your problem, just check this thing, hopefully your problem will get solved.

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    Re: Black screen after launching Portal 2 game

    Hello friends, yes you are very true with the game playing feel, it is a good to play these kinds of games. Well the above solution is perfectly right; you must check the integrity of cache memory. And if your PC in not on network then you must check the steam folder of your game. Find for the location of steam folder, if it is in the external hard drive, and then transfer it to the internal hard drive where the OS is installed. This might be able to solve your problem. All the Best!

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    Re: Black screen after launching Portal 2 game

    Hello guys, yes I have heard a lot about this black screen error, even first time when I installed this game I was also having the same error. Then I did some research on it and I found one way of method which I am writing below:
    • Go to control panel
    • Then click on add/remove programs
    • Check for Intel drivers and uninstall it.
    • To get this back use system restore to bring back that drivers or donít use it will be fine
    After doing these steps, start the game it will run, because it ran in my system, so it will work for you also. Just try this step at your own. All the best!

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    Re: Black screen after launching Portal 2 game

    Hello, there is lots of solution over here, so I am having some solutions for the same. But hopefully the above all will surely work, if unfortunately it doesnít work then try to work with this solution. If above steps are not working, then try to close all unnecessary background programs. After that check for the DirectX, and update it to the latest version. Disable your ant-virus and then reboot the PC and then check for game, whether it is starting or not. It will work donít worry.

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