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Thread: Crysis 2 Advanced Graphics Options version 1.7

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    Crysis 2 Advanced Graphics Options version 1.7

    As you know that it has been few week passed since the Crysis has launched on market. However this game is highly graphic rich game which needs a cutting edge fully pledged graphic enabled gaming computer in order to run this game flawlessly. Due to some bugs in graphic the crytek had released Crysis 2 - Advanced Graphics Options for the purpose of to improve the graphics in game. The previous version was v1.5. Now I have heard that there is new version v1.7 released. Does anybody have seen it?

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    Re: Crysis 2 Advanced Graphics Options version 1.7

    If you would like to permit sophisticated graphics within Crysis 2 first person shooter, you must download this small tool. This new updated version tool has made several changes in the game which you are not going ot believe it by just seeing this post.
    • added utmost FPS
    • added Draw close to FoV
    • FoV's will currently receive in decimals
    • detached 4th level as it was puzzling
    • detached FSAA for the reason that it had no genuine consequence
    • altered names of each and every one levels to counterpart Crysis 2 defaulting names to as well eliminate uncertainty
    • fixed a number of small bugs

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    Re: Crysis 2 Advanced Graphics Options version 1.7

    Those who have downloaded the new version tool turn off MSAA in support of extreme textures to work. Several populaces have observed an upgrade in texture class. If you are going to make use of multi-GPU or SLI mode, ensure post processing is set up to average as elevated will reason mad flickering. Also try some different settings in order to get the best graphical performance by the use of this new update on crysis 2.

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    Re: Crysis 2 Advanced Graphics Options version 1.7

    Crytek must have integrated sophisticated graphic settings I will have the same opinion by means of you on that one. And this small tool is somewhat good I can reach your peak the most important settings and disable motion blur and obtain a complete lot superior frame rates. Whereas prior to I had to make use of a gamer otherwise high setting within game because motion blur kills the presentation of my system. In addition they over perform motion blur anyways.

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    Re: Crysis 2 Advanced Graphics Options version 1.7

    If you have already installed or updated the new version of Crysis 2 - Advanced Graphics Options then here are some tips to get better performance in game. HDR Level as well as Bloom Level's defaulting value was together 1. Changing it to 0 will disable them anyway. Motion Blur's defaulting value is 1. You can put it one upper with several obvious effects. The maximum vanilla Crysis 2 went for the entire defaulting settings were "extreme" which equals to 3. This program will permit you to locate them toward "extreme" which sets them 4. This possibly will augment graphical quality.

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    Re: Crysis 2 Advanced Graphics Options version 1.7

    I assume that this application or tool update may perhaps going to increase the graphic quality in game but I donít think that it will going to maximize the graphics much. The game graphics is completely depends on the system specification and the power of graphic resources you have. If you have configured the SLI mode or configured multi-GPU with latest driver then you will surely get the good quality. You will only need this tool to fix several bugs in the game and for some improvements.

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