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Thread: Alchemy 1.41.02 & BattleField Bad Company 2 No sound in Win7 x64

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    Alchemy 1.41.02 & BattleField Bad Company 2 No sound in Win7 x64

    I'm Audigy se / Audigy value card, i have Installed Latest Alchemy version from Creative when i added bad company 2 to Alchemy and played in Windows 7x64. Sound is there in First screen means EA welcome and when comes in to menu no sound and started playing the game no sound at all. Sound comes when remove these paths from Alchemy. CREATIVE what's This No Driver Updates, What r u doing. Watching other Companies releasing Drivers. I think i have to stick to onboard. Otherwise give some good drivers.

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    re: Alchemy 1.41.02 & BattleField Bad Company 2 No sound in Win7 x64

    Why are you using Alchemy? This is game is not designed for EAX and has no use for Alchemy at all. Direct Sound Acceleration has been removed from Windows Vista and Windows 7. Alchemy restores that. Newer games though no longer use the same engine so you should not have to use Alchemy to begin with. OpenAL is supported in Vista and Windows 7 all by itself, as with FMod for games like Mass Effect.

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    re: Alchemy 1.41.02 & BattleField Bad Company 2 No sound in Win7 x64

    I suspected adding games to the list wasn't always doing anything. Tell me though acquire. What IS actually the point in having my expensive titanium fatal1ty pro in this day in age? Are there any performance gains to be had at all using this hardware? Cost me a fair bit. Got a cool control panel which i find is good for fine tuning my gigaworks 7.1 (which is quite fiddly to get sounding perfect). A few good features, but what is it actually doing.

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    re: Alchemy 1.41.02 & BattleField Bad Company 2 No sound in Win7 x64

    I have run games with and without Alchemy. BIG difference. Games with it have a really nice ambience to them, without Alchemy games have a flat stereo sound. Newer games have different engines like FMOD or Native OpenAL. Onboard sound does a good job with some games, but you will hear a huge difference in a dedicated soundcard. Some people say, "Huge? No, Jerry is crazy". But it is really subjective. Music sounds so much better with a dedicated sound card, really crisp and defined depending on your source. Good source, good sound. I have tried newer onboard sound of late, and I am always disappointed. People often respond that they have onboard sound and it sounds great, but I have found that as soon as they get a good sound card, they and I immediately notice the difference of clarity and sound stage. Again, it is opinion.

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    re: Alchemy 1.41.02 & BattleField Bad Company 2 No sound in Win7 x64

    Ur correct Snow- Leopard. Even my Entry level Audigy Se is better than any onboard with right drivers. Battle Field Bad company2 Sound Effects is superb, canít express it, I didn't hear in any games like this. Agree with u Onboard is not good when some grab and test dedicated card even its entry level form CREATIVE on their bad part is from software side Drivers are not good, Drivers Development is slow, we all know it's hard to Code drivers, but at least new beta from them, Other Companies like Realtek is monthly updating their drivers. So most of users go 4 it. CREATIVE please release drivers. Can't wait till WIndows 8.

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