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Thread: Nintendo 3DS: a fatal bug with multiple users.

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    Nintendo 3DS: a fatal bug with multiple users.

    It seems that the launch of the console, Nintendo 3D Portable 3DS is tainted with a big problem. Many users report problems on the forums of fatal crash with their console, requiring a return product and so do I. Touched by what he seems to be a "Black Screen of Death", the console displays a black screen then reversed to the launch of some games like Ghost Recon, Street Fighter, Monkey Ball and Lego Star Wars. Still nothing helped me here please someone let me know what I can do to solve the issue here.

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    Re: Nintendo 3DS: a fatal bug with multiple users.

    If people encounter problems with their Nintendo 3DS, it is recommend first downloading and installing the latest update, available now online. If the problem persists, we recommend contacting the customer service Nintendo premises to investigate deeper into the problem but right now I canít really provide you any other solution that may really help you out in this case. So what I guess is just restart the gaming console and then you have to just see whether it helps or not.

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    Re: Nintendo 3DS: a fatal bug with multiple users.

    Since last weekend, some players have noticed a bug as boring more on their Nintendo 3DS. In full during the game, a black screen appears and forces you to turn off the console and then back on. It seems that those who have had this problem once found at regular intervals thereafter. The first response from Nintendo address this problem was to launch an update designed to solve the problem, but it is not. According to me the problem persists with it even after the update it met 5 times black screens in 30 minutes. One solution has been advanced; however, which involves placing an SD card formatted in FAT32, or reformatted the SD card sold with the console in this format, which some claim solves the problem.

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    Re: Nintendo 3DS: a fatal bug with multiple users.

    Many purchasers of 3DS Nintendo have already used the service due to Nintendo's console crash. Sometimes, the machine had to be changed. Forums ignite since the release last Friday of the new portable from Nintendo. The problem is majority known as the "Black Screen of Death," an appellation that is reminiscent of the "Blue Screen of Death ' crash famous well known Windows users. In fact, the screen goes black and the 3DS display a message prompting the user to restart the console or call customer service if the problem persists. But now, while some concern among breeds only periodically, others see their consoles restart loop on "Black Screen of Death.

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    Re: Nintendo 3DS: a fatal bug with multiple users.

    It seems that Nintendo has been informed of the problem since the firm was split by a statement that we reported in The Inquirer. Also, before contacting the customer service of Nintendo or your reseller, the manufacturer recommends that all users download the latest system update for the console. This Update is obviously already available. If the problem persists, then you can contact Nintendo customer service and to find a solution. Still, if one believes that the first echoes SHIFT does not the business of everyone, and many users still testify to crash systems. Note that some have solved the problem by formatting their SD card and I guess that may really help you also.

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