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Thread: PS3 slim overheating?

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    PS3 slim overheating?

    Hello this evening after 10 minutes of uncharted, my PS3 seems to have tripped. The light was suddenly extinguished. She seems to have warmed a little but still, 10 minutes! I later restarted the console but after 4 minutes. I will retry tomorrow but wondering about a real overheating and deterioration of current EDF particular component or "impure" windy tonight? Please help me in this case.

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    Re: PS3 slim overheating?

    I hope your play holds up after returning from the VAS and mine come to me cheered up. I wonder if this could not come from poor or welds components fragile. Too bad for Sony in any case because of the fact I focus on stocks that appear on consoles that are holding up and staying at home. Without delirious for two months of the return of SAV I find it desperately long. I am sure that this will allow you to get the control back on the ps3.

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    Re: PS3 slim overheating?

    I had the same problem two months after purchase. First series ps3 120GB after 10 minutes of play it off by itself as if a power failure, the red light goes off well. I turned back to the disconnect and reconnect the power supply but after 10 min. It gave me this movie for a week, thus forcing through the sav me that Sony has retained for 1 month a half now which begins to be very long in my opinion is there any other news on this problem. I hope there is enough information for you which you needed.

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    Re: PS3 slim overheating?

    I speak of the problem of the console that cuts alone, as if you cut power, and then nothing lit. You remove all the screws from the hood, you open your console without farting plastic cover, particularly at the reader, three screws under a little strange, you need a special screwdriver. Then you away and you open all the power supply, there you'll find two screws white settings. Must turn to the right, I said you move the red line to your right point of view behind the console a quarter turn The home position is drawn above. well I am heavy rain since I am on GoW 3, I have not had any power outage. I think the console components were malnourished, and this triggered safety.

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    Re: PS3 slim overheating?

    I encounter the same problem with my ps3 purchased September 09, it turns off completely, disconnect reconnect it to go back. But then I noticed it also warmed tremendously, the back of the console was burning. So after investigating, I heard that the fan did not change speed, it gets stuck at a minimum. But the result is the same, it turns off completely.

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