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Thread: Does anyone has found this nanocatalyst bug in Crysis 2

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    Does anyone has found this nanocatalyst bug in Crysis 2

    I am having around 10K nano points saved up in Crysis 2. But when I exit the game and start back all points are gone. They reset on their own. This happened twice. I gain a good amount on the start. At first I thought the game was not properly saved due to which I was getting the issue. But later on when I played it back again the issue appeared. I want some help here to fix this thing. It is a bug. Is there anyone facing the same issue.

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    I had started playing this game second time. I was able to get 2000 points. I did not really noticed of loosing this points. I had seen there were changes when I start the game after sometime. It looks this would be a bug but there is no option to fix the same. I am starting back everything from zero and I am going to play this game. I hope this will go fine. You can try locating some patch for the game on the official website.

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    You can simply start re-installing the game. You can backup your save game files and test back. This will simply help you to fix the problem which you are facing. The other thing you can do is simply go on web and download the latest patch for this game. There are some patches available that will make the game a bit more better. Just download and check back. If this does not resolve the issue then there is no solution available to fix the bug.

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