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Thread: source code for Crysis 2

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    source code for Crysis 2

    Hello guys yesterday I bout a new Crysis 2 official version. And I played it its rurally awesome. It have has good graphic and compatibility with system. But now I want the source code for the game portion of this Crysis 2? Is this source code is released as it was in the SDK for Crysis and Crysis Wars? I try to search it on internet, but I did not get any information from internet. even I heard that this code is leaked by some site. Can anyone tell me about that? All replies are highly appreciated.

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    Re: source code for Crysis 2

    As per my information the thread in the Facepunch site, the entire code designed for Crytek's shooter sequel locate in New York, together with multiplayer key code to compact with the online DRM was released today. No one is sure that the leak appears from, but is particularly damaging for the reason that the game is close to being acknowledged gold and shipping to retailers. If the code is new, is basically the game that everyone will play if they buy the album. Crysis 2 is set to come out for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 22. "So building a late development of Crysis 2 has increased in some places, including the complete set, consisting of several players," said Tom Costello Facepunch forum user. "It also includes DRM Solidshield master key files.

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    Re: source code for Crysis 2

    Crytek has been prepared that one of the first partial, uncompleted building Crysis 2 has come into view on torrent sites. Crytek and EA are extremely dissatisfied by the news. We give confidence fans to support the game and the development team of in the offing and buying the final polish game. Crysis 2 is still under expansion and guarantee to be the blockbuster final action as the conclusion of the series Nanosuit allows it to be the weapon in defense of New York commencing an alien invasion. Piracy is hurting the PC market packaged goods and PC improvement society.

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    Re: source code for Crysis 2

    The loss does not have some impact on game sales (which should be very embarrassing to Crytek and they love to blame the reproduce of "poor / loss of sales. The loss will have a result on licensing for further developers although. Not to talk about you get to see if the Crysis engine is super advanced or pathetically poorly coded. Exactly the same happened with Half Life 2. There are many people you downloaded the cracked "beta" of the game, but leave so far in its infancy, in beta, and you might observe all the development, codes, notes, etc, and by default, I could fly / clip through the walls, out of shape on the map, but it was so damn buggy. I did really hurt the games based on sources that much Valve (HL2)?

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    Re: source code for Crysis 2

    I downloaded the leak to observe for myself and indeed it is wrong. It would combination lock randomly for 10 seconds and then it runs very well; the console displays various random miscalculations and itís no more than DX9. It looks awesome and runs like a champ with a maximum cover lock of 62.9. Looks bright on the front DX9, however the game definitely feels similar to between beta and RC1. I cannot pass the time to buy! This and Mirror's Edge 2 are the ones to pay money for on my list.

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