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Thread: How to edit those pak files of Crysis 2

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    How to edit those pak files of Crysis 2

    I want some help to modify two languages in Crysis 2. I found on web that this can be done through modifying the pak files. I was able to find the file. But I am not able to edit it. I had tried various things for the same. At first when I made changes the game stopped working. It is not giving me the proper output. Fortunately I had kept the backup ready with me and I had restored the same. The game just started working. What should I do here to modify the pack files and get the right output.

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    You can do that through pak manager. This is a nice tool which is available on the web and can help you to edit the pak file. File editing is not the only thing which is needed. It is essential that you must simply know what settings you need to modify. It is always better to keep a backup of the same ready. If you go ahead with direct changes then there are possibilities that the game can crash and will not work.

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    I am going to give you a straight way to change the file. You have to go in the game directory first. Which is by default in the c drive. Go in the game folder and look for a folder name localized. In that look for In this you can simply use a file of different languages. Like,, etc. The complete location is - C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game\Localized. You can try finding the different language files from the web for the same.

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