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Thread: After restarting the computer Crysis 2 starts lagging

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    After restarting the computer Crysis 2 starts lagging

    I have installed crysis 2 and then played it nearly 3 hours. After I decided to take break and so I shut down the computer. Next day I Booted my system and get to the server for playing game. There I have realized that the FPS dropped from 80-120fps to 5-20. So I have done the clean format of my computer and re-installed the OS as well as the game. It worked well and there was no lagging. Then I installed several apps and programs to my computer. Re-started the system and tried to play again. The game again started lagging. Does anybody know how to fix this?

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    Re: After restarting the computer Crysis 2 starts lagging

    It probably be the issue of the temperature in your computer. You have said that you can play the game smoothly without any lag when your computer is not installed with any additional applications and other things. Once you installed other applications then the issue get started. It is because the system uses much CPU and GPU and due to this it is overheating which then causing the lag in game. To avoid this kill some of the background apps running and other unnecessary services. Use good cooling system and increase the FAN speed and see what you can get after this.

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    Re: After restarting the computer Crysis 2 starts lagging

    Crysis 2 is one of the mainly graphically concentrated games hence users might be incidenting numerous dissimilar issues with Crysis 2, counting crashing, freezing, multiplayer issue, lag, errors, artifacts plus further. Before starting the game lower your graphics inside the game settings, situate it to LOW otherwise MEDIUM, if it fixes lag, in that case you do require a improved video card, if it does not repair the lag, then the problem might be different.

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    Re: After restarting the computer Crysis 2 starts lagging

    This is a recognized problem. Don't be anxious about this because this can be resolved. This will be settled in the course of a long patching procedure. You must though, carry out the following...
    • Ensure your graphics card drivers are the latest. You can download the most up-to-date Nvidia Card Drivers. You can furthermore download the most modern AMD/ATI Drivers.
    • Make sure your PC temperatures. A game akin to this is a definite method to overheat a PC if you do not have the correct cooling system.
    • If you make use of AMD/ATI graphics cards, then disable the adaptive anti-aliasing as well as Catalyst AI.

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    Re: After restarting the computer Crysis 2 starts lagging

    If you are playing the game in multiplayer mode then lagging issue is common in for most of the games in many computers. It can be fixed sometime if you do little changes in your computer. However if you are playing the Crysis 2 in multiplayer mode then here is several things which you should keep in mind.
    • Disable your firewall as well as integrated windows firewall.
    • Disable anti-virus (temporarily) and attempt again.
    • If you contain a router, put out of action the firewall
    • Turn on gaming mode if available.
    • Make use of port forwarding to permit connections to work.

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    Re: After restarting the computer Crysis 2 starts lagging

    I think that it could be the issue with Crysis 2 System Requirements. Make sure that your computer is compatible to run the game.
    Minimum requirements.
    • Processor: 2GHz Core 2 Duo / A64 X2 processor
    • Memory: 2GB
    • Graphics Card: 8800GT / HD3850, 512MB Video Memory, DirectX 9.0c, Shader Model 3.0,
    • Operating System: Windows XP
    • Running at least 20fps at 1024 x 768 Resolution

    Recommended Requirements
    • Processor: 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo / A64 X2 processor
    • Memory: 3GB RAM
    • Graphics Card: GTX280 / HD4870 1GB Memory, DirectX 9.0, Shader Model 3.0/4.0,
    • Operating System: Windows XP
    • 30fps at 1650 x 1080 Resolution

    Highly Recommended Requirements
    • Processor: 3GHz Core i7
    • Memory: 4GB RAM
    • Graphics Card: GTX560Ti / HD4870 X2, 1.8GB Video Memory, DX11, Shader Model 3.0/4.0
    • Operating System: Windows 7
    • 30fps at 1920 x 1200 Resolution

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