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Thread: I failed to access Multiplayer and Uplay in assassins creed brotherhood

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    I failed to access Multiplayer and Uplay in assassins creed brotherhood

    I want some help to access multiplayer in Assassins Creed Brotherhood. I want to play multiplayer but I am unable to start the same. When I try to go ahead with my settings I am having a issue with server not responding. What does this error means and how to fix the same. I had tried making changes in the games settings but it is not working. My friends are already playing this through PSN. Only I am unable to connect.

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    You have to check your internet connection for the same. There are chances that any internal security application is causing the problem. You have to simply disable that or turn it off to make the game work. I had gone through this issue on CS. I was not able to join any network due to firewall. I have to turn it off and then everything went of working well. There is no issue later on. Just try to disable your antivirus and check back.

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    Running a multiplayer gaming session is not a big deal. There are two ways through which you can play with your players. First you can go ahead on lan and second you can simply try to connect through internet. There are chances that your antivirus as mentioned above is blocking the game connection. You don't have to turn off the firewall. You just have to add the game under firewall exception list and it will do the job.

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