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Thread: DX11 shows 30% speed up while playing World of Warcraft

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    DX11 shows 30% speed up while playing World of Warcraft

    When I had to install World of Warcraft, it shows 30% speedup in World of Warcraft. I am using a GeForce gtx 580 with latest drivers. This happened when I run World of Warcraft in DX11 mode. I am Using a GTx 580 with latest drivers. DX11 card owners should enable DX11 support as it makes World of Warcraft faster. DX11 mode is actually making the graphics cards work and the game is becoming less CPU dependent and that is why 30% gains are noticed.

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    Re: DX11 shows 30% speed up while playing World of Warcraft

    Using a GeForce GTx 580, frame rates jump more than 30% at 1680x1050 and 1920x1080 have two resolutions that are processor-bound for this fast card and not graphics-bound. Moving up to 2560x1600 cuts the gain to 22%. Though still not bad, this shows that DirectX 11's mechanisms for improving threading and memory handling can greatly speed up rendering. It will work as long as there is no other such deadlock or bottleneck limited performance. For this purpose if you want the advantage of directly enable DX11 through a graphical option just need to follow the following instructions:
    Step 1: Add -d3d11 to your World of Warcraft shortcut
    Step 2: Or go to c:\Program files\World of warcraft\wtf\
    Step 3: Select file
    Step 4: Add the line SET gxAPI d3d11
    Step 5: Now start your game

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    Re: DX11 shows 30% speed up while playing World of Warcraft

    If you build your PC with high configuration with has compatibility with speed and fast processors to assure you high performance more than what you actually working on. It looks like the folks most likely to see big speed boosts at the hands of DX11 code path are the ones with fast processors and near-overkill GPUs. I've been passing this DirectX 11 flag around to a number of friends with lower-end Core i5 and Core 2 Quad configurations, and they're all seeing roughly 20 frames per second performance boosts. So long as your GPU is DirectX 11-capable, there's a fair chance that enabling code path will at least do something for your gaming experience.

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    Re: DX11 shows 30% speed up while playing World of Warcraft

    The normal settings for using the GeForce GTx 400 series associated with World of Warcraft is given in the following instructions and things will be in your favor:
    Step 1: click on start
    Step 2: Go to control panel
    Step 3: Open Nvidia Control panel
    Step 4: Click on Manage 3D settings
    Step 5: Go in program settings tab
    Step 6: Try turning threaded optimization off for that particular game
    Step 7: Save your settings
    Step 8: Click on apply

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