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Thread: I just want to know that does DirectX 11 is suitable for Future Games

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    I just want to know that does DirectX 11 is suitable for Future Games

    When the first DirextX1 1 came out the features were awesome. I had downloaded the same for my system. I had certain doubt with the functioning of DirectX 11 for future needs. It is true that there will much higher upgraded gaming engine evolving with high end system support. So for that does DirectX 11 fits well. For example it is almost a long time pass when games like Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Dirt 2 etc were released. There were some fast phased action games were also released for higher gaming experience. What I want to state that pc gaming is reaching to an great height. Right now what I found that most of the current gaming consoles are supports DirectX 9 mostly. Now Microsoft is going to go for new API for the coming Windows 8. Does in that DirectX 11 will survive or just die.

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    Re: I just want to know that does DirectX 11 is suitable for Future Games

    What I think here is there will be just a need to get a good hardware to catcup DX 11 for feeding the coming games. There not only DirectX is the factor which rely but there are other more things which must be taken to consideration. DirectX 11 is the new generation of technology as far as graphics are concerned. Right now this is mostly concerned with Windows 7. I agree that as the time passes there will be more new updates will be provided if necessary to deal with new gaming engines.

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    Re: I just want to know that does DirectX 11 is suitable for Future Games

    Right most of the gamers are testing DirectX 11 and they are even trying to play with this on Windows Vista. For this Microsoft has provided an update. You just need to run a Vista update to run DirectX 11 on it. Currently is mostly supported and work quiet well also. Due to this a gamer get an ample of support for the gaming. This technology allows most of the current processors to generate a much higher detailed maps and even much higher detailed characters. This makes your gameplay smoother and also creates a much realistic game play.

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    Re: I just want to know that does DirectX 11 is suitable for Future Games

    It will work. I agree with the same. DirectX 11 incorporates many new features that most gamers are beginning to enjoy in some games. Game developers now have new tools and DirectX technology that allows them to create virtual worlds and experience much more rich in detail, with real characters and a more fluid gameplay, all combining to have an experience of total immersion in the game. I am sure that in future also we will get updates for this same for higher gaming experience.

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    Re: I just want to know that does DirectX 11 is suitable for Future Games

    I found DirectX 11 quiet a well supportive for the games. The best part of this is Tessellation or tiling. This technique implemented directly on the GPU to calculate resulting softer curved surfaces to create images far more detailed and more realistic characters in 3D worlds you visit in the games. What more you need to have for developing a high definition game support. There are other more things which are providing. All I worry about is the current game engines. I found some companies developing their own kind of game engine which removes the interference of DirectX 11. That can be a bad news for this.

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