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Thread: Compatibility Issues of old games in Windows 7

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    Compatibility Issues of old games in Windows 7

    Older games that won't run on Windows 7 do to compatibility issues even after attempting to run in compatibility mode:

    Freedom Force
    Freedom Force Vs. 3rd Reich
    Empire Earth II
    Rise Of Legends
    Fallout: Tactics

    Older games that will run:
    Titan Quest
    Titan Quest:Immortal Throne
    Warhammer 40kawn of War and expansion packs
    Supreme Commander

    So why do some older titles work and some don't? This is frustrating as I would like to introduce my son to these great titles that are appropriate for his age, unlike most of the new titles out there today. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

    Frustrated Dad

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    Re: Compatibility Issues of old games in Windows 7

    Wow, great list you have made there about the older games that work on Windows 7 and for the older games that are not supported in Windows 7. The main problem with Windows 7 is that it is very advanced and therefore no support for older GUI games are supported even though using the windows 7 compatiblity mode. Best way is to install a dual boot of Windows XP and Windows 7 and run all older games in Windows XP. This way, everyone would be happy, what say?
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    Re: Compatibility Issues of old games in Windows 7

    Finally a simple, direct answer that even a no-tech person can understand. Time to dig up my XP discs. Thanks very much.

    Hopeful Dad

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    Re: Compatibility Issues of old games in Windows 7

    how do you do that ?

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