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Thread: Dragon Age 2 Crashes to desktop

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    Dragon Age 2 Crashes to desktop

    Well I am playing this game from last few months and the thing is that it was doing well in the initial period but now suddenly they are started lagging. Actually the thing here is that game is crashing day by day . I really donít know what the thing to do is and why the problem is being on my system. So please help me in this case and let me know what is the actual reason for this and what is the appropriate solution for the same.

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    Re: Dragon Age 2 Crashes to desktop

    And you may went there later in the game, on key blood mage, OSEF, it is useless if you pick the door has some room before, so if you do not see the usefulness of this key, c 'is that your pick of the door.Then, the city is Denerim end game, so long as you did not find the 4 alliance there's nothing to do . Just a few side quests, but otherwise, this city takes are important at the end of the game, after the conclave.

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    Re: Dragon Age 2 Crashes to desktop

    It's not too late, you have to buy BG 1 and 2 for no more than 10 $ both, with add-ons I think. The graphics are very badly aged, but the game remains a myth. I saw a boy would try to use the toolset for Dragon Age to "modernize" Baldur's Gate, that is to say the game again, but with the graphics in Dragon Age. If it reaches the end (it's still an awful lot of work), then you can touch it a little if you try it and I hope that this will definitely help you to solve the issue here.

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    Re: Dragon Age 2 Crashes to desktop

    I was also facing the similar kind if problem few days back and tried a lot to solve this one but failed and after troubleshooting a lot I found a solution which I guess will work for you also. So what you have to do here is that just try and disable the virtual Sync if it is there in the game and then see whether the game is playing smoothly or not and if it is not then you just have to do one thing try and set the graphics details to low. I hope it works for you.

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    Re: Dragon Age 2 Crashes to desktop

    I have analyzed the problem that you are facing and it seems to me that I can really help you in this case. So now the thing is that the game is crashing frequently on your system. And what you have to do is that make sure that you have disabled the Anti Aliasing for the game so that it will not use much of the graphics in the system to crash the whole system. And also one more thing here is that you have to always run the game in the small careen mode and disable the full screen mode.

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