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Thread: Dragon Age 2 error physxcooking.dll Missing

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    Dragon Age 2 error physxcooking.dll Missing

    I have the problem that is when I start the game a message appears: "Error initializing physxcooking.dll please go to the Nvidia website for updated drivers and even when I install physxcooking.dll same message s' displays. Also be aware that I run under vista 64bit with a Radeon HD 4850 1GB which is not normally compatible with physxcooking.dll.At the start the game but I walked format my hard disk and reinstalling impossible to play. I do not know if that has significance, but I buy my game DLgamer. Please help me in this case and let me why the error is been given and what are the ways to solve the same.

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    Re: Dragon Age 2 error physxcooking.dll Missing

    To solve the issue you have to go through the following steps :
    • Remove physxcooking.dll if you forund the same .
    • Reboot, just in case.
    • A shot of Driver Sweeper, run an analysis and remove the remains of PhysX.
    • Attacking in the registry (start-run-regedit).
    • Search for the word AGEIA (or only go in the key below? HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Classes \ VirtualStore \ MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Ageia Software) and remove the folder Ageia in question
    • ATTENTION: Council house, before deleting a registry trick, think about doing a "export " of this file AGEIA to be able to leave it later, if ever it was worse. There is no trash in the registry .
    • Reinstall PhysX
    • 6.5-(optional) Burning a candle
    • Launch the game

    I am sure that doing the above steps will definitely allow you to solve the issue and then you can definitely play the game and gain back the access on it.

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    Re: Dragon Age 2 error physxcooking.dll Missing

    Well what you have to do here is that just see which video card or graphic card that you are using and then you have to just remove the same and install it again and see whether you are able to fix the issue and if not then your graphic card is not doing well and giving you the errors. I am sure that changing the graphic card will definitely help you to solve the issue here. And I hope that this will definitely work for you

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    Re: Dragon Age 2 error physxcooking.dll Missing

    Well you are getting this problem because you are missing the file and now you have top bring it back and to do the same you have to follow the same.
    • You have to download Physxcooking.dll on your system
    • And then make sure that you are pasting the file in your system32 and system folder and also put it in your syswow
    • Now try to go to your System32(32Bit OS) or SyWOW64(64Bit OS) Folder.
    • Keep in mind that to go there the location might be
    • C:\Windows\SysWOW64 if you are using 64Bit Windows operating system
    • Later on paste the physxcooking.dll into this folder.
    • Run the game. It might work now.

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    Re: Dragon Age 2 error physxcooking.dll Missing

    Since I installed version 9.09.0408 cited above I have no record AGEIA in my regedit. I reinstalled the latest version available on the Nvidia site (the 09/09/1112) and now I AGEIA folder in the regedit but even giving full control of file and folder under all users have the problem persists. And I noticed (since I reinstalled version 9.09.408) as recognized by my pc version is version 9.09.0203. I obtained this information through cleaner software that gives me the version of software installed. So error on the part of cleaner. Please help

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    Re: Dragon Age 2 error physxcooking.dll Missing

    To fix this error message, you need to replace the corrupted physxcooking.dll file with new file that you can download at

    This is the best source on the net to fix almost all .dll error messages, which is caused because of corrupted or missing .dll files.

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