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Thread: Buying Horse In Frontierville

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    Buying Horse In Frontierville

    I wanted to buy a horse and have clicked "unlock" and have checked my email address and there is nothing there. Does anyone know how long it takes to come through. Have I done it correctly. I have been playing this game since long and also it is the game is just the best when I have just started using it. I have being buying many of the things in it and out of that, I am trying to buy the horse in it, but the main problem is that I have just got the many of the things but the main problem is that I am not getting it that how can I buy the horse in it . please help me out with this issue.

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    Re: Buying Horse In Frontierville

    For me it took about 8-9 hours from getting the message of the Welcome to FrontierVille through the use of the email and to get the option of the Unlock Horse in FrontierVille one. After that you can just get the thought that is normal though. It seems that there are going to be few glitches in the game, last night I purchased apple trees and then they disappeared, money was spent and nothing to show for it. And also you can just for an additional horse are it 4 horseshoes and 10000 coins or is it 4 horseshoes OR 10000 coin per horse.

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    Re: Buying Horse In Frontierville

    I got mine immediately I responded to the unlock horse thingy. Make sure your email spam filter didn't get it. And some time it may happen that the "Request for permissions" box pops up for a few seconds then disappears. I finally figured out that "Zynga Email Program" is a link & went there, then to "preferences". I click to accept mail for all games and/or for Frontierville by itself & it says that I've updated my preferences but it doesn't. Been doing this several times a day for a couple of weeks I am expecting that I will get the horse.

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    Re: Buying Horse In Frontierville

    Hey thank you for the information that you have just given to me now the main thing is that I just want to know that how many of the stages are present in it and also it is that I just want to know that whether how many of the stages are being used in it. I just want to know the whole information of the game of the frontier Ville that is being played by me. Because I have just got a little knowledge and wanted to know more about it.

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    Re: Buying Horse In Frontierville

    The main similarities between Farmville FontierVille and are not in the name. They are very, very similar games and we can say that the new success of Farmville Zynga is set in the Wild West and a little more social, because not only buy virtual gifts, or you can buy land adjacent to our friends so that we can help them collect. And also benefits from the recent emergence of a market that can sell products Farmville, are designed not only to add the game shows in which different users can post their best skills, unless they are considering the possibility that they can integrate virtual goods with specific assets in the real world by sponsoring some companies.

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