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Thread: Cannot Visit Neighbors in frontierville

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    Cannot Visit Neighbors in frontierville

    I think this is a bug. When I go to visit a neighbor the dialog box that has Jack's face won't go away so that I can click on neighbors objects. I have let the game sit there, and sit there, and nothing else happens. I have refreshed the page and gone back to the game. I selected "visit" and the same thing keeps happening. I can work on my homestead without any problems. Please post more and more comments on this so that developers can pay attention to this. Other than this, if you are having anything that can help me in this case then please let me know about this. Thank you so much in advance.

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    Re: Cannot Visit Neighbors in frontierville

    There might be some problem with the browser that you are having in your computer. Some of the files from the setup of that might be missing from it and so that is causing the problem for you. If you want to confirm that then simply switch to some other browser and see if that is able to help you. There are many of the browsers available on internet but the best that I can suggest you at the time is Firefox or Opera. They are the best and I have used them. I wish that they will provide you the better result as compared to your current browser.

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    Re: Cannot Visit Neighbors in frontierville

    I have so far tried 3 different browsers but that also comes up with same thing. I have also tried to make use of Firefox and opera as you suggested. I have had one neighbor visit me and be able to work, although not sure how they managed to get cause I have tried with friends accounts to get to my homestead so I can water my cotton and I get the frozen screen all the time on all browsers. If anyone comes up with a way to be able to get onto the homestead without it freezing up please share with us all.

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    Re: Cannot Visit Neighbors in frontierville

    I would like to tell you that you do not need paths on your farm since your neighbors can just visit Jack 10 times and get that part done with. And yes, you will need to remove all paths from your farm after doing that quest or some neighbors will not be able to visit you. They hang when they visit you and think you became a chicken farmer. This is definitely a bug. Seems like, those who are already on this path mission don't get affected by the hang when they visit neighbors with paths.

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    Re: Cannot Visit Neighbors in frontierville

    There are already many of the users who have left the game just because of this bud. So they need to get this fixed as soon as possible otherwise they will lose the other half of the players that have not quit this game. The game is fine, but big problems with the long wait times to load all the time. Also if you notice as the homestead grows in size and items, it keeps slowing down. Please listen Zynga and fix this.

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    Re: Cannot Visit Neighbors in frontierville

    I do not know if this qualifies as help but I never click on the popup that says "so and so is homestead needs help". Mainly because I have seen that popup even if I have just been to that neighbors place and done all my available chores. It is just been a nuisance notification, many have complained about it since the start of the game. If it also is what triggers this loading problem, disregard the darned thing. I click on the neighbor's icon in the ladder to visit them, in my own time.

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