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Thread: No Access To Cuban Mission In Mafia Wars

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    No Access To Cuban Mission In Mafia Wars

    I still don't have the limited time Cuba missions with a little less than 4 days remaining on the counter. I have been waiting that I will be getting the access to the mission of the Cuban but the main problem is that I was not able to get the access to the Mission of the Cuban that is present in the gaming but the main problem is that I am not able to getting the access even after trying such all possible ways. Can you just tell me that how many others are still waiting, and also tell me that weather it is there any of the news that can do the possible fix in it. Please help me out with this.

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    Re: No Access To Cuban Mission In Mafia Wars

    The mafia development team is aware of a problem that is preventing users from gaining access to the Cuba in Crisis Mission. At this moment the Zynga Support Team does not have a workaround to this particular however a fix to this problem will be introduced shortly. Thank you for your understanding while this problem is addressed. The Manhattan version has persistently has problems with the missions and it doesn't sound like they're getting fixed, but I thought that was just newer players that got Manhattan.

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    Re: No Access To Cuban Mission In Mafia Wars

    Still no mission yes, and from what I have seen from the stages, 3 Days would be the absolute minimum you would need to finish it, with 2 car buildings and two wars involved. I haven't seen live chat in forever either. I went ahead and sent a regular support email. I was unable to participate in the limited dead man event either. The thing that drives me crazy is that they hope to roll out a fix to a limited event and they have no intention (based on my experience from the issues with the last 7 day mission), to extend time for those of us affected.

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    Re: No Access To Cuban Mission In Mafia Wars

    So, that's at least 4 of us, just from the handful of players that have visited the forum in the past couple of hours. I talked to live support yesterday and they assured me I would get to do the mission. I got the pop-up yesterday but that was all. Didnít get to do dead man either. And also I get that pop-up telling me to start again, and when I look at my mission bar, it's in there and listed as expired. I haven't checked my inventory to see if my net is still in there. And now the mission just started in it.

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    Re: No Access To Cuban Mission In Mafia Wars

    If you're still waiting on the mission, don't collect your Cuban properties (the one you need to collect is an 8 hour wait between collections, so you can get it done in 8 hours if you start with the property uncollected), don't start any wars (you need to declare 1 and then win 1. I'm not sure if helping someone else win one will count on that), and wait to build cars in the chop shop (you'll need to build 2). And, line up mafia who will be around to accept the mission crew requests quickly so that doesn't hold you up. You have a different version of the game than I do. My options on the fight page look completely different. Go figure, they seem to have once again managed to give people multiple different versions of the game and then scratch their heads when features aren't compatible with all of them.

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