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Thread: Can't finish quests in FrontierVille

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    Can't finish quests in FrontierVille

    I was working away on a quest - it was just a harvest one, and I had everything done bar harvesting 30 potatoes, I had 20 done. Now suddenly it's gone and has been replaced by the sunflower quest! And while I got the last 10 potatoes it didn't count towards finishing the last quest. So did I go through all that for nothing? Can you not finish quests if they are not on your screen? What a pile of manure! I wish we could actually complete the quests we were working on before getting them replaced by another. Or better yet, be able to have more waiting quests. Why couldn't they have replaced my quests? I am not even doing them.

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    Re: Can't finish quests in FrontierVille

    So someone watered 10 potatoes for you and you reloaded the game, thereby finishing it, but missing the completed screen. I was on day four of the "Get Ready for the Schoolmarm" goal while unexpectedly I get the "Prepare Dinner for Fanny Wildcat" goal pop up without notice. And yes I had all the "Welcome Fanny Wildcat" items already (which I think it's the one before the dinner goal) so that's in line with what you're saying about not seeing all the goals completed. But it would be nice to get some notification of completing the goals anyway. Sometimes they take a long time to do and while they just disappear! Not good in my opinion!

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    Re: Can't finish quests in FrontierVille

    I finished my quests without completing the tasks, twice already. First with the independence quests. I had to harvest cotton as well, but the pop-up appeared that I completed the task. I know for sure I did not harvest any cotton, I harvested the next day. And now with Mrs. Fanny, I still had 4 more bonuses from school to get. This was simple to track, so no neighbor could have finished for me. Besides, when my neighbors harvested my peanuts, they did not count for the quest. I wish my bear could just scare themselves off my quest, too. I am working for a month now, waiting for trees to grow. I chopped a lot of really big trees and not anything.

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    Re: Can't finish quests in FrontierVille

    Well, I discovered today that I have to do a quest again, that I already finished (welcome dinner for Funny Wildcat II). I had the Wildcat III - quest almost ready, only some peach trees harvest missing - when I noticed that quest II was suddenly there again - so this means collect new ribeyes - that are so tough to get - why do I get this quest again? This is really odd! I was approximately finishing with it, and it disappeared today with new quests. My sister at a standstill has hers, so what's up with that?

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    Re: Can't finish quests in FrontierVille

    I am having trouble with finish easier quests! All those "help your neighbors". I am at this time stuck with "Feed the Ranch Animals 3". I have feuded the cows and the ox, but the horses! It is taking longer time before they are hungry, and a lot of my friends don't even have horses! I did the same thing with food, I kept buying meals, but I was supposed to let it build up to 500, not eat 500. Does anyone have any hungry horses? I still need to feed 3 horses.

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    Re: Can't finish quests in FrontierVille

    I am getting fed up with FrontierVille ATM. I cannot for love or money finish the quests. I have peach trees yet when I harvest, no sweets to finish the birthday quest. I have bulls, when I feed no ribeyes steak to finish that quest. I cannot get any feathers while feeding the geese, nor get the last bit of mesh to make fireworks. It’s really getting on my wick now, and I am getting close to calling time on the game, as I am not progressing. Anyone got any ideas or help to pass on before I stop playing?

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