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Thread: Farmville game page is not opening

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    Farmville game page is not opening

    Normally My facebook is working fine but since few days Farmville is showing some error. It is not getting loaded. Farmville does not get loaded completely. Some time it is getting loaded but it does not work fine . farmville does not functions smoothly. I tried to refresh my game page again and again but nothing worked out. So kindly help me out how to fix this error. I am very fond of playing this game ,so please help me infixing this error.

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    Re: Farmville game page is not opening

    Few days back I was also facing the same problem. I tried so many things I got frustrated in fixing s this bug. I tried to open this game from different browsers even though it was not getting loaded completely. I formatted my computer even this also could not solve the problem. To fix this problem go to privacy setting and check whether you have blocked the application. And if you find so then reactivate. Hopefully this solution will help you.

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    Re: Farmville game page is not opening

    Go to setting of your facebook account check for all the settings options .There is option in which you can bare your application access. See to it that you have not blocked your Farmville application. In case of deactivated try to reactivate it. Else you can try refreshing your page incase of little problem in loading Farmville application. Even doing all this your Farmville is not working then contact your facebook support team then consult with them about the problem then fix it.

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    Re: Farmville game page is not opening

    There could be some problem with your internet browser, some scripts might have got corrupted or infected by the virus. Else this error can occur because of the network problems as well. Solve these two problems. Other problem can be macromedia flash plug-in it may be corrupted, then update it to latest version. Reinstall macromedia flash player with updated version of it. By fixing these problems you can solve your problem.

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    Re: Farmville game page is not opening

    To avoid problems with Farmville you have to take certain precaution, avoid opening of Farmville in multiple tabs or in multiple windows. Try to use fastest internet connections which will help in fast loading of game pages. To fix any bug with any application simple option is clear browser cache. Sometimes bug with Farmville is due to flash player ,install latest version of flash player. You can short your problem using all these suggestions.

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