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Thread: Cannot access the cafe world

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    Cannot access the cafe world

    Hi all, I love to be on cafe world but now a days, I am facing some problem with that. Actually I am not able to access the café. Whenever I try to get into my café Then it shows me the message that says "heading to your cafe". This message is shown to endlessly. I refresh the page and again try to get in but again the same thing happen. Can you tell me that what the problem with this is? This is the first time I am facing the issue like this. Earlier, it was not having any problem. Any help from anyone will be really appreciative. Thank you.

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    Re: Cannot access the cafe

    I was also having the same problem earlier and was not able to solve that then I contacted the Zynga and asked the same to them and then they check my account and restored my cooking streak back to the place where it was before and the issue gone for me. I advise you to do the same and see if that helps you. Other than this you can also try by deleting the stored cookies in your computer and that can also solve the issue for you.

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    Re: Cannot access the cafe

    There are many problems with the cafe and people wonder why half of their neighbors are not playing. Is anyone else noticing when there is either new task otherwise catering order there seems to be some sort of problem. I am having the same issues. Zynga should get its act together and fix the loading problems this game has had for well over a year. Some of their other games are having major technical glitches (Petville), and frankly, I don't have the money to pay for premium parts of the game once in awhile to have this go on. They should turn the spoil feature off of everyone's food and reset it.

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    Re: Cannot access the cafe world

    There might be some problem with the browser that you are using. I know that there are very less chances for that but still there is some chance that this can be happen. If you want to check that then you will have to install some other browser in your computer and see if that is able to help you in any manner. There are many of the browsers available on internet and you can use any of them. My suggestion to you is to use is to use the Firefox otherwise the Opera as they are well known these days. I hope that this will solve the issue for you.

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    Re: Cannot access the cafe world

    I can’t access my cafe either. I was actually in there when it suddenly went down. I am sure I will be losing all my food as it was a short cook. Thankfully I have lots of salvage spice. This happened to me about a month ago and I wrote them and they told me it was my pc. Suddenly I was back in. I had written and told them I tried with both my computer’s. They didn’t do anything about my spoiled food. Thankfully, it doesn’t cost me anything and only a game but frustrating at times. Well, it is certain I am not the only one with a ton of "ready" food and can't get in. This is a load of hog swallop, I know they say it has been reported to the people in charge of fixing it. I would just like a bit of reassurance that all that work has not been wasted.

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    Re: Cannot access the cafe world

    Hi mate, if your food is spoiled before you can get back into your cafe, please just contact Zynga. They have always made things right for me and everyone else I have contacted if it's within the agent's power to do so - and in the case of spoiled food. Yes, they can help you with that. Just saying, don't get mad or give up, contact them after this issue is resolved.

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